Neighbours neglect/abuse animals

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Neighbours neglect/abuse animals

Post by Andzia22 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:06 pm

My next-door neighbours are a mess. Its a family with 7+ children from the age of about 4- 22 at least. They have a dog for at least 4 years now a male cat aged about a year and a half and a new female cat aged around 6-8 months plus any other house pets if any. The parents don't know how to treat animals so now neither do the children they just own them for the sake of having it more as a toy for their kids.

About 5 years ago they moved in next to me but previously they lived down the street. Back then they also had two cats which they mistreated and another neighbour got the RSPCA involved and they took the cats away.

On multiple occasions, I have seen the children hit the animals with sticks and even kick them sometimes. The male cat is so skinny I can see his hip bones even when he has long fur so we have fed him whenever he came over to us. The new female cat was skinny too but she gained weight because she has been coming to us every day since before lockdown begging us to let her in and give her food. She has now become almost our cat coming over for food, love and a warm and quiet place to stay.

The male cat doesn't know affection and love so even when he comes over and wants to be stroked he can sometimes attack us we assume due to the abuse and not being used to being touched. We haven't contacted the RSPCA about this because at least with us the cats have a safe place to go as well as the male cat would most likely be put down since he is aggressive so he isn't eligible to be rehomed.

However, we think the female cat is pregnant now since her stomach grew over the past 3 weeks and we don't know what to as we are scared for the kittens if she actually is pregnant. The other day, I've seen one of the kids grab her by the stomach to pick her up and we are scared if she is pregnant the kittens might be dead inside. I don't want her to lose the kittens but what if I call the RSPCA and she isn't pregnant then the other cat will lose its life.

What should I do?

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Re: Neighbours neglect/abuse animals

Post by MooBag » Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:07 pm

That is a tricky situation. It would be worth talking to one of your local rescue organisations, or your nearest Cats Protection branch for advice before reporting this to the RSPCA, to explain the situation and get their advice. Maybe one of them could be on standby to take the cats in if the RSPCA did decide the cats shouldn't be there? It does sound like the RSPCA should be advised though if the animals are being hurt and neglected, but I understand your fears for the more aggressive male. He would be homeable, just that he would need some experienced TLC from a rescue / fosterer first.

If the RSPCA seized animals from the family before, it's possible that they might not be legally allowed to have animals now, depending what the outcome was before.

In the meantime until you know the way forward after speaking to local rescue or the RSPCA could you make your garden more "welcoming" to both cats, so that they feel they have a nearby bolt hole if needed, so like making somewhere sheltered they could sleep - maybe a shed, greenhouse or similar? Or even just sturdy boxes covered in something waterproof (bin liner etc) and making food and water available. Cats are smart and if they really don't want to be living next door that might give them a decent alternative for now. If the female cat is pregnant, she might well choose your house to have the kittens.

I'd chat to a local rescue first though, just to get advice - contact details will be here: ... uk-ireland

I hope that helps, good luck!

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