Cat not eating

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Cat not eating

Post by vkgabc415 »

I brought home a 6 month old cat a few days ago. He is super friendly and doesn't show signs of stress but he has not been eating the amount he should since he came here. I've tried canned kitten food from Royal Canin, Wellness Core, and out of desperation, even adult cat food from Purina that I happened to have on hand. He should be having approx. two cans per day but will not finish even one full can. I split his meals into 4 small feedings but he still leaves a lot uneaten. His previous owner said she fed him a combination of dry and wet food from 9lives but I didn't like the brand and am trying to feed him better food. I tried dry food from Blue Buffalo Wilderness, but he shows the same reaction. He gets very excited to eat when he hears the can being opened or the food packaging being opened, but only takes a few bites. He loves treats though - especially freeze-dried chicken - and i am wondering if i should put him on a freeze-dried raw diet. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience dealing with picky eaters?

Also, he either has separation anxiety or just has an extremely clingy and affectionate personality. Can this have something to do with it?
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Re: Cat not eating

Post by Mollycat »

A few days ago? Give the poor guy a chance!

First he needs time to settle in, weeks rather than days. Then maybe you can start introducing other foods, gradually if you insist he must have your chosen brands and he isn't keen, by mixing gradually increasing proportions into his existing food. I never do it personally, if they don't like a food I don't force them to eat it, but that's just my choice, I do appreciate wanting to give cats healthier foods.

As for being clingy, he just got taken away from what has been his entire world, either his whole life or even worse if it's the second new home. It's going to take time for him to understand that this is for the rest of his life. I would relax, try to spend time with him getting to know him and letting him get to know you, this is supposed to be fun.
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Re: Cat not eating

Post by fjm »

I agree - give him a few weeks to settle in and then gradually introduce him to your preferred foods. But don't be surprised if he refuses them - getting children to eat lovely healthy vegetables like cabbage and broccoli is as nothing when it comes to persuading a cat that the expensive food you have carefully decanted is better than the one they know and love. An imperfect food in the cat is much better than two absolutely brilliant ones in the bin!
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