Kitten help! Dry scabby skin around head and neck

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Kitten help! Dry scabby skin around head and neck

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So my kitten is around 3 months old now, and when I first got her I noticed she had a few tiny scabs on the top of her head, I thought nothing of it really and expected them to go away, which they did.
However I then noticed around her neck she had a nasty looking mark that was bleeding, she didn’t seem in pain, I bandaged it up and it healed nicely and everything seemed fine. But I then started to notice her skin had huge bloody scabs all around her neck so I took her to the vets ASAP, in which they told me she had a nasty skin infection and prescribed some antibiotics in which I’ve been giving her them, she’s just had her final dose today and her skin is exactly the same if not worse! It’s just so itchy and bloody, I hate seeing her like this I have no idea what to do or what it is!

She also has conjunctivitis which seems to be getting worse, does anyone have any idea where these problems could be coming from?
She had conjunctivitis when I first got her, so all of these issues have been around since I adopted her😭
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Re: Kitten help! Dry scabby skin around head and neck

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Hi there. So sorry to hear your kitten is unwell. Obviously I can only speak from my own experience,but when we adopted my beautiful, Cody, she developed large,scabby,, bald patches on her tum,which she would nibble until they bled. The Vet gave her a long-lasting (6 weeks) steroid injection along with a 10 day antibiotic injection and it worked well. Within 2 days her fur was growing back nice!y. Apparently ,injecting the medication worked better as meds went straight into her blood stream. It turned out she was allergic to the 'binders ' in her food. For instance,any gravy brand would set it off. My Armand was in a terrible state when adopted, a symptom of which was conjunctivitis. He took a 14 day course of antibiotics and antibiotics eye drops, plus I bathed his eyes daily before administering,with a cotton pad soaked in cooled boiled water. Your wee darling must be miserable and if it was me,I would insist on a 2nd vet opinion. Not every treatment works,but there is definitely one out there that will fix the problem. Good luck. Hope this helps.
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