Outdoor Cat, was Indoor

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Outdoor Cat, was Indoor

Post by Christinajan »

I moved house back in November last year and my cat Charlie (he is 16 years old but very healthy) was fine indoors all of the winter. Come the spring, summer he only wants to be outside and only comes in for food.
If I am not in the kitchen he will meow and meow and meow, till I come and let him out, he wont and doesnt appear to like to leave the kitchen. He will even ask, again and again to be let out if it is cold and tipping it down !
I cant understand why he does this.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Outdoor Cat, was Indoor

Post by Mollycat »

Isn't it ironic that you joined the forum 7 years ago asking why 9 year old Charlie who used to be out all the time and only come back for meals suddenly didn't want to go out any more since you moved house.
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