Cat flap advice

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Cat flap advice

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Hi all

First time posting on here and need some help!

I have three lovely rescue cats - 2 year old tortie mum and her two 1 year old tabby boys. We've recently installed a microchip cat flap and while two out of three get it, the third won't even entertain it. The issue is that he won't even go through it taped open - we've tried treats, toys, calling him from the other side, even pushing him through (which is difficult as he's quite big). We can't really move on to the next stage of training the other two on it ie teaching them they have to push the flap open because this one won't even go through at all. He just sits and cries and stares at it. They're used to going in and out the window which I am now keeping closed but it is hard to stay disciplined when you have one crying at you constantly and then tearing up the house in a tantrum because he can't go out.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Even though he sees the other two going in and out via the flap he just won't do it himself.

Thanks in advance!

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