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Christmas Mog

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:32 am
by Crewella
Awwwww - a lovely one for Christmas! :) ... e-cat.html

Re: Christmas Mog

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:09 pm
by greenkitty
I'm pretty sure this was based on a day in the life of my Tig :D

Re: Christmas Mog

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 2:39 pm
by bobbys girl
There is more than a hint of Tommy about that too - 'whoops was that me?' :lol:

Thanks for that, Helen, I had not seen the Ad.

Re: Christmas Mog

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:49 am
by Mrs Kane
Oh my! I had Mog's books when I was a kid! I guess they're a bit dog eared now from all the times I read them. I believe they're in my parents attic somewhere, next to the "Old Bear" stories no doubt!

Not quite as good as John Lewis's contribution, but I approve none the less! It's nice to see adverts getting back to family and just plain simple caring for others rather than selling us something all the time. I know that's their job but... It's nice to see a little real Christmas spirit again. They know we'll buy their stuff anyway, why not just give us a nice story? :)