Cats and Yoga

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Cats and Yoga

Post by bobbys girl » Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:04 pm

I could keep this short and say - Cats and Yoga don't even THINK about it! :shock: But I think I will have to explain - a little.

Used to go to yoga classes and really enjoyed them. Old injuries (neck, shoulder, knee) forced me to stop. I'd be just scrambling to my feet (wincing and moaning) and everyone else was back on the floor! Forward 2 years....

Found good class on Youtube, quiet Sunday afternoon, what the heck..... I'm lying there, trying to concentrate on my breathing and World War 3 breaks out behind the sofa - Grace is in her hammock in the sofa and Bob is whacking her 'bulge' in the leather. 'Shut up the pair of you. I'm trying to relax!'

Purdy is next, bashing her food bowl around because she left her dinner and Gracie ate it! Finally Bob walks over me to go out of the room and Grace decides she wants to wash her bottom on my yoga mat. I'm there with a big, fat, hairy kitty axxe on my head and a tail tickling my nose.

Zen it ain't. :roll:

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