curious cats

For all your feline miscellany - any interesting stories, news or subjects that do not fit in the other sections.
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curious cats

Post by bron1093 »

Hello, I'm seeking stories of cats for an illustration project for my last year of uni.
Being a cat owner I know how mischievous cats can be and would greatly appreciate it, if you would share your cat stories, experiences of unusual habits your cat or cats may have?

We have two Bengals, one a full Bengal Millie who's a blue eyed snow spotted queen, and Elmo who is half Bengal half all sorts, a marbled male tabby. Both of which are very different in personalities as Millie is very independent, only likes me even tho she's lived with me, mum and dad since we got her as a kitten, but seems very loyal to me bless her. She's a very vocal queen and loves her toys, anything that can be thrown to play fetch with, even at 4 years old she is still like a kitten.
Elmo is the big softie, he is a human person more like a dog as he loves company and gets very needy if left on his own too long. He has an usual love of water, although I heard this to be popular amongst this breed. He also has a huge love for vegetables, not only eating them (tries to nick them when their being cut peeled) he also loves playing with them, his favourites are a green beans, which he throws about like a dead mouse, and sprouts which are used as a tiny football around the flat.
Both are house cats due to where we live.

Please share any stories/expieriences about your cat with this thread, would very much appreciate some response
Thank you
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Re: curious cats

Post by Joe_Danger »

Please share some of your art :D I absolutely must see it, as a fellow illustrator I'd be thrilled to see some beautiful stuff.
Don't worry I'm not the type who criticizes nor am I the type who likes being criticized so feel free to share some nice stuff you might have online.
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Re: curious cats

Post by Mayday21 »

Hello Bron my Mayday LOVED rockmelon. When I she was about 2 I used to put her & Crystal (my Himalyan/Siamese who I had pts at 22 due to ill health) in my car & drop them off at mum's while I did my shopping. One Saturday on arriving home mum said to me"I don't know what's wrong with the little girl but she keeps meowing in front of the fridge to see what she wants I can't see anything." "Do you have rockmelon in the crisper?" "Yes". "That's what she wants - she can smell it." And sure enough mum cut a small trianglular piece for her and sat with Mayday on the lounge while she licked it. Even if I was cutting one up, Mayday sat at my feet & patted me on the leg until I lifted her up so she could lick the flesh around the seeds. Even up until mum left me in 2015 if mum ever had a rockmelon she used to cut me off pieces & say to me "Some rockmelon for the little girl." You always had to cut a piece & hold it by the skin while she licked it all the way down. It was so special. OMG I'm starting to cry with the memory.

I also have a work colleague who's cat, like your Elmo, plays with & eats cucumbers! Tetayana,who's originally from the Ukraine, has a tuxedo girl "Ashy".

And as as Joe posted would love to see your art. And Joe yours as well. Good luck both of you with your projects. Vivian
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Re: curious cats

Post by Mrs Kane »

My cat Sofi loves processed Ham. Obsessively so. When we have any kind of sandwich with ham in it she will leap up on the table and try to steal the ham out of our sandwiches! This has become so bad that I normally have to eat standing up and she'll be using my leg like a climbing frame trying to reach the sandwich. I'd like to point put that she's 4 and should've grown out of this nonsense by now. I give her a slice of ham just before we sit down to eat lunch but she always finishes before I do.
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Re: curious cats

Post by shadow-puss »

My cat Shadow has lots of little hiding places around the house i.e behind our sofas, the chairs under our dining table, behind the curtains she will sit in these little hiding places for ages waiting for an opportune moment to jump out and suprise our dog who is an absolute giant in comparison to her. Our dog also liked to roll around on the carpet to scratch her back, when shadow see's the dog doing this she can't help but join in. :lol:
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