Help with young kitten???

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Help with young kitten???

Post by Millie_jean » Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:11 pm

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I adopted a very young kitten- I was lead to believe she was 6 weeks old yet she was around 4 and a half weeks old, she was not very steady on her feet and her eyes twitch quite a bit, I have been trying to get a veterinary appointment for her.

I have had her for 3 weeks now and she has become a very playful kitten who is very vocal, purrs a lot, eats very well, uses her tray, and suckles on my clothes on the odd occasion when she wants to sit nice (which I know is due ton her being removed so young).

Although she does not let me pet her majority of the time and instead she reacts with biting and attacking- I have two cats already which I have had since they were young kittens ( 4 and a 10 year old) (which have sadly gone missing due to a move of home but I have reported this) and I know this is normal behaviour to an extent although with my other two cats they were nowhere near as aggressive as she is, I think this could be due to her being rehomed at such a young age, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to calm her down a little?

At the moment she is too young to be spayed- this is what helped both and there is no kitten classes anywhere in my area which I have recently been informed to try.

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