Hi new cat owner flipping out

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Hi new cat owner flipping out

Post by Hayleyg124 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:14 am

So I decided to buy a kitten went looking at local ads and found a fluffy little male tabby. However, I got him checked over by the vet and turns out he's a maine coon. He eats loads and everytime I sleep or don't see him for a few hours when I see him again there's a huge change in his growth. I knew he couldn't be an average domestic cat because nobody would have one if they'd had the last few weeks Iv had he wants cuddling or playing with all the time he more playful than the kittens Iv seen before. So now I'm in over my head as never had a cat before. Hes now 11 weeks I went for a family meal this evening and when Iv come home his food bowl was empty even though I'd fed him 2 times the daily recommended amount before I left and he's full on attacked me I'm war wounded he's grown vast amounts in the few hours Iv gone hes now the size of a small domestic cat he's far from fat intact he's quite skinny so here's my problems
. Could the attacks become a problem it's only a one off so far but it was painful
. If he's skinny should I just keep feeding him
Thanks for reading

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Re: Hi new cat owner flipping out

Post by MarySkater » Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:59 pm

When you took him to the vet, did he get de-wormed? A worm burden will make a cat hungry, but the food won't do him good. If it's not that, then it sounds like he does just need to eat a lot. He's a big cat, and still growing, so the "average" guidelines on the packet won't apply.

With regard to him demanding attention, that may just be normal kitten behaviour. The only time I had a kitten as young as that, I also had an older cat who babysat her. If you are his only source of entertainment, then it's quite likely that he'd want a lot of attention from you. The "attacks" may from his point of view just be boisterous play. Are you the only human in the house, and is he the only animal? Does he have access to outdoors or not?

Maybe other people with more experience of the breed and/or young cats will be able to offer more help. But from what you've said, I wonder if a sedate older cat would have been a better pet for you. I hope you manage to sort things out with your big kitten.

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Re: Hi new cat owner flipping out

Post by alanc » Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:49 pm

Hi and welcome. I hope I can give you some reassurance, having had two Maine Coons (sadly only one now) from kittenhood. 11weeks is a bit young for them to leave home - my two were 13 weeks old when I brought them home. Maine Coon kittens eat a lot, they have a lot of growing to do. Twice the normal amount is quite reasonable - after all they are twice the size of your average cat! What are you feeding him? Also at that age three meals a day may be required - its 36 years since I had a kitten that young, so I'm not sure what the feeding frequency of 11 week old kittens is any more.
A male Maine Coon kitten can be quite boisterous and their play can be quite rough when very young. Its play learning how to kill rabbits. I expect your lad is missing his litter mates who would play with him normally, so you will have to act as his playmate for the time being. (Having two kittens is a great boon as theyplay together.) When they grow up, however, male Maine Coons become big softies.

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Re: Hi new cat owner flipping out

Post by Blue Orion » Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:42 am

Hi Hayleyg

First of all, no matter how much you read having a new kitten/cat for the first time is never as straightforward as you expect - try not to feel bad about that. Most of the times people post on social media about how great it is having a new kitten they only put the good stuff on there - rest assured that almost all of them will have some teething problems and difficult times as well.

If it reassures you at all, I have just inadvertently adopted a Burmese cross who is much more demanding than my previous cat. I've had him a week now and during that time I have been in tears wondering if I did the right thing, since he was so different from any cat I'd had before. But we are settling now and I'm sure we are going to have a great time together. Give yourself a chance.

As has already been said, kittens do eat a lot as they have masses of growing to do - think about parents who say their children are eating them out of house and home! Speak to your vet if you are worried about how much to feed him and definitely check he has been wormed - a simple tablet will do it if not.

About the attack - what happened just before? If you were playing and he got rough then he is just learning to hunt. If so, when you play with him remove yourself as soon as it starts and give him time to calm down. Are you playing with your hands? This is very cute when they are little but painful as adults (I've learnt this to my detriment). The recommendations I've read is to use wand toys (string toys) so your hands are out of the way. Small mice that you throw for them to chase are also good for their hunting skills. And mine LOVES a laser pen - just be very careful of his eyes.

If it was sudden try and find out if something spooked him - my cat flew at me once because I startled him, but he was very unsettled afterwards and I could see it wasn't intentional. Again, if you are worried ring your vet and ask for advice.

And for when he grows up, my friend has had four Maine Coons and can I say they are the soppiest cats I've ever met!

Give yourself and him time and hopefully things will settle down x

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Re: Hi new cat owner flipping out

Post by Mayday21 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:23 pm

Hi Hayleyg luck you a Maine Coon. I've a friend who is president of Little Paws Kitten Rescue, Deb has a couple & so does one of the committee members & Napples, Chirpy & Oscar are gorgeous - though they do need grooming. All 3 have won state & national comps. Oscar won vintage companion - he's 11 & Napples recently reserve champion. Good advice on worming from Mary & being a kitten need to feed energy levels from Alanc. Keep us posted. Vivian

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