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CloudFlare / #cloudbleed - password precautions

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:59 pm
by YogiBoy

Re: CloudFlare / #cloudbleed

You may well hear about CloudFlare or the #cloudbleed bug online, or in the news over the next few days, so we wanted to update you with what it's all about, so that you can decide if you want/need to change any passwords anywhere (not just the CC forum!)

Millions of websites around the world, including Cat Chat, uses a facility called “CloudFlare” which protects sites from most of the naughty hackers/spammers out there. Unfortunatey CloudFlare recently discovered a bug which meant that between 13th and 18th February, some sensitive information (like passwords) from a small number of sites was vulnerable to being leaked. The Good News is that Cat Chat is NOT one of the sites identified as having had any information leaked!

CloudFlare have already fixed their bug, but we would suggest that if you have accounts with any of the affected sites (like Uber or Transport for London) that you should change your passwords with them, (you can find a list of 'affected' sites here: ... / )

Also, the general advice on-line is to change passwords anyway, so even though Cat Chat isn't on the 'affected' list, it's never a bad idea to change your passwords every so often anyway, so you may want to change your Forum password just as a precaution.

Have a good weekend!
Yogi & his human helpers