GPS trackers

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GPS trackers

Post by Denise1959 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:11 pm

Hello everyone.

Sadly, I have had two cats go missing within 5 weeks. The first was my 15 year old, deaf and toothless rescue and the second was my British shorthair silver tabby on Saturday. We have had as many as 16 rescue cats and never lost any of them due to anything but age/illness.
Although we are still desperately trying to find them and have done everything we can so far, I am now becoming paranoid about our remaining cat and want to put a GPS tracker and collar on him. He is quite a small cat so anything big or heavy is out of the question.
All our cats have been micro chipped, but that of course is only of use to prove ownership and return if someone scans them.
Does anyone have good experiences of using these devices please? I am wanting to order something pretty quickly as I just cannot keep going through this. He was originally a housecat, but when the panelling blew down in their outside run, they managed to escape into our garden where up until now they have been safe.

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