Bully cat attacking mine

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Bully cat attacking mine

Post by Marie_r » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:13 pm

Hi, I’m desperate for advice. Does anyone know how to stop a cat coming in your garden? I have a cat and we moved here last year and my cat has already been attacked so badly by this other cat he’s needed the vets 3 times. He often comes in dripping in blood. He’s terrified of this cat and usually starts to scream as soon as he sees him so I can get out quick enough. My cat is usually hiding and shaking. This cat comes into my garden looking for mine. I’ve bought a water gun and squirt him every time he’s in my garden. He’s not even phased by that. He just walks away then 5 mins later he’s back. My cat is only 3 so making him an indoor cat isn’t really an option as he’s got so much energy he loves being outside. I just have no idea what I can do but I can’t bare seeing my poor little cat getting so badly attacked every week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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Re: Bully cat attacking mine

Post by Lilith » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:25 pm

Hi and welcome.

OMG what a bully.

I had a similar problem some years back, with other cats fouling, and I resorted to a couple of those sonic devices to repel them. Expensive, but they worked and I could switch them off when my own cats went out - the garden was secured but I provided a 'ladder' for intruders to leave. Worked a treat in fact.

No-one likes to have to repel another cat but in this sort of case the miscreant has to be taught a lesson! Well, pity the damn owner can't be taught a lesson, but generally they don't give a damn ... :evil:

Ooops sorry edit left out whole point of this, if intruder accustoms itself to NOT coming into garden, it will back down and abandon your cat's garden as its territory and ... lose face ... off you go, pussycat ...

Good luck!
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Re: Bully cat attacking mine

Post by MarySkater » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:10 pm

Could all or part of your garden be made secure, keeping your cat in and other cats out? There are costs involved, depending on how you do it, but it gives great peace of mind.

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Re: Bully cat attacking mine

Post by Ruth B » Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:16 pm

Do you have any idea who the other cat belongs to? If you do you might be able to have a word with them, explain what has happened and see if they would be willing to operate a time share, each only letting the cats out when the know the other is inside. Occasionally a cat that is a real soppy at home can be the terror of the neighbourhood without the owners ever realising it. Of course some owners would totally deny their cat could be like that or could get aggressive, particularly if they are worried that by admitting guilt they would be opening them selves up to large vets bills for other cats, you would have to tread carefully. It would also only be a temporary solution while a more permanent one was sorted.

I have to agree that cat proofing your garden or building a catio would be the best option. It would give yours a place to be outside where the bully couldn't get to, and he would quickly realise that he was safe in there.

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