Help with dissertation Survey

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Help with dissertation Survey

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Hi, I’m looking for owners of Persian, Domestic Long/Short haired and Exotic Short Haired Cats to take part in my dissertation survey for my final year of BSc Animal Science at Reading University

The survey takes around 15 minutes and looks at the life style, face shape and feeding behaviours to see if facial confirmation impacts feeding behaviours. This research will help decide whether there is need for more focus on making breed specific feeds that help the ease of feeding and promote natural feeding behaviours.

I really need participants to upload the photos and videos I need as this will make up the science part of the dissertation! The survey will help rule out any variants and see whether owners are aware of any feeding struggles their cats may have.

I am currently struggling for participants and am in desperate need for participants who are willing to send in the photos and videos as well. I would appreciate it if anyone could take part. I also have a word document version that I can email out so if anyone has any questions about the survey please feel free contact me - via my email: [email protected]
Thanks ❤️

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