All wrapped up

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All wrapped up

Post by Lilith »

Recently I bought several pairs of gaudy harem pants (ohhhh no I don't do grey!) And very nice too, comfortable and exotic for this ancient hippy :lol:

A couple came wrapped in sheets of tissue paper.

I slung one sheet down in my usual untidy way - and Molly found it.


It can be crumpled. Pounced on for the rustly noise. You can get under it. Roll in it and end up wrapped up in it. Then claw your way free and bite it and spit out the shreds. Then you can pretend the shreds are caterpillars or something and stalk and pounce. When the sheet is wrecked it can be screwed into a ball and chased.

The humble human will clear up.

This humble human has just bought a giant pack of tissue paper ... the cool colours will come in handy for wrapping presents; Molly can murder the boring ones.

Why am I doing this? I used to cuss and damn when I caught her killing kitchen rolls.

But it's a cheap harmless toy ... You might say it has her wrapped attention ... :lol:
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