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Can food change a cat?

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:06 pm
by Sue-b
My cat is a really fussy eater, she spends most of her time loitering and being grumpy. We've tried lots of brands, but at best she'll eat chicken mixed with a few biscuits (she even turns her nose up at the chicken sometimes). I was given some Purina One Dual Nature to trial, my expectations were low (I've tried her on other expensive brands) but she happily ate it. Since she's been eating she's like a changed cat in her personality, she's really playful and happy, could this be the change in food? Can food actually make a difference like this? I've presumed that being grumpy was her personality, but has she been this happy cat all along and the foods bought it out? The new food contains spirulina.

Re: Can food change a cat?

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:54 pm
by Lilith
Oh they can be picky little horrors.

It could well be that she's found (or you have) a food she likes and it has given her a full belly, and that is why she's feeling more placid? Not your fault I might add; they can't talk and tell us what they want. Even if they know what they want. Which they don't often until we serve their ladyships, or lordships, with it.

I was lucky with my last lot, who were ferals and used to eating anything, from restaurant scraps to rat. 'We're Proper cats now,' they said, 'We eat Real catfood like Felix.' They even scavenged a cooked chicken joint one day and left it for me, hardly nibbled. THEY were busy lashing into the supermarket cat biscuits ...

I'm so glad you've discovered something she likes, however, don't rush out and buy a larder-full. She might change her mind in the next few days ...

Cats, eh? :? :)

Re: Can food change a cat?

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 8:30 am
by Mollycat
They say you are what you eat and yes I do believe a food can make a huge difference to 'personality' by changing health and a feeling of wellbeing.

If anything I think your experience highlights just how much a cat can be negatively affected by poor or dubious nutrition, because really chicken and a few biscuits isn't a great diet - appreciate sometimes they just won't eat what's good for them so I'm not judging here! Luckily you've hit on something that gives her a complete dose of all the complex vitamins and minerals she needs and that she will eat, and she's back to being in the shape she should be. Great news for you both!