Problem with breeder

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Problem with breeder

Post by Bigcatguy » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:28 am

Looking for some advice on what I can do? I sent money to a breeder through PayPal and they kept declining as I was sending it as a purchase of goods. They said they wouldn’t accept it as they get charged a fee. So they told me I have to send as a personal money transfer through PayPal. This takes away purchase protection from me now they won’t send cat and when trying to contact them they denied that the money was for a kitten. I have all the communication in emails and texts. I am in Canada and they are in Nebraska. Can anyone give me some advice. Thanks

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Re: Problem with breeder

Post by Ruth B » Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:22 am

I'm in the UK so things might be different over here, but my advise would be to walk away if you can.

If you have lost money and have the emails, is there a Trading Standards organisation you can go to who might be able to help or at least who would investigate them.. I hate to say it but it does sound like it might even be some kind of scam, did you visit them and see the kittens or was it just photos you were sent. I would also suggest letting the ASPCA (I believe they handle animal welfare in the States) or another no kill shelter in the area the breeder was in who could investigate them, just in case it is one that doesn't treat their animals well. If you have lost money a solicitor might be able to help, but unless it was a lot of money you are likely to end up paying more to them than you have lost particularly as it would have to be one that understands cross border transaction legislation.

I do hope you can find a kitten you want that doesn't involve cross border travel, it would make everything much easier, and that you haven't ended up too much out of pocket.

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Re: Problem with breeder

Post by Mollycat » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:38 am

If their problem is the PayPal fees then offering to pay the fee should leave them with no excuses.

They have breached a PayPal rule though so reporting to PayPal with all your evidence, especially the bit where they demand a personal money transfer, should enable PayPal to get you your money back.

There are a lot of illegal raffles being held on Facebook where people used to ask for payments to be made on PayPal personal transfer (now they ask for bank transfers) and I know some people got caught by having 49 payments of the same small amount made to them. PayPal did shut down some accounts because of this rule breach. So with evidence of the seller's demands I think your chances are pretty good.

On another note though, it's really dodgy buying animals over the internet without seeing them first and at least the mother, and irresponsible of a breeder to let their kittens go to homes they have not checked properly. If they are a member of a breeders association these people should be reported to them as well.

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