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Abandoned Cat

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:45 pm
by AndyMac
Hi - its been a while since I have posted on here but looking some advice concerning an abandoned cat. A neighbour in the street moved 2 months ago and left her 2 cats behind. She even took the collars off them before she left to probably show they were not owned. One cat we (another neighbour) think is being cared for by someone but the long haired cat is currently being fed by myself.

I feed it 3 pouches of Gourmet Perle a day along with some biscuits and I leave 2 bowls of water in the garden. This is more of an outdoor cat and it does come into the house to get fed and then sits outside at the back door for a while and then goes. It is spending a lot of time in my garden sleeping and I would check on it to ensure it is OK. It has stayed 2 nights in the house (the last time it was sick with huge hair balls and I thought I really do not need this) and I am concerned it may have fleas especially being a long haired cat. Another neighbour did put flea treatment on it a month ago and I am considering doing the same this month. It is a friendly cat but I have not attempted to lift it but it certainly needs a good brush also.

I have discussed the situation with another cat loving neighbour and we considered bring it to a shelter to possibly get re-homed - this neighbour has 3 cats so cannot take on another - I lost 2 cats last year and do not want to adopt it - but I was concerned with it being locked up in the shelter especially as it has been used to the outdoors. I considered getting an outdoor shelter for it with coming into the winter something has to be done.

I understand these 2 cats had been neglected by the neighbour so it is not surprising she left them behind. I considered bringing it to the vet for a checkup but concerned if they find a chip they will hold onto the cat and pass it to the cat shelter. It is probably for the best for it to get re-homed but it seems to be happy being out-n-about. It waits for me coming home from work and comes into he house and lays on the ground stretching and rolling about - it then rubs up against my legs until it gets fed. The issue is that I cannot be there everyday to feed it and wondered is it for the best to bring it to the shelter for re-homing ??

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:03 am
by Lilith
Hi Andy, sounds as if word's got round and your address has been noted as a likely soft touch for the local strays, but I see your dilemma; if your routine's changed and you can't always be home to feed a cat, then you do need to do something. Leaving supplies of dried out could be an answer or maybe not; I've done that while my ferals were moving in, and the whole neighbourhood moved in to freeload; the little old cat across the street, whose owners were too tight and houseproud to give her a litter tray, used to drop into my cellar to spend a penny in the ferals' tray lol. Not that I minded in her case.

Personally I'd approach a centre sooner rather than later. Although kitten season will be in full swing (when is it ever not?) longhaired cats may have a better chance of finding homes. I prefer slinky shorthairs myself (less brushing; I don't even brush me!) but my mother would always go into ecstasies over anything that looked 'Persian'. Perhaps a rescue shelter could keep this little guy on their books, even if they haven't a pen free.

Good luck with him/her :)

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:49 am
by booktigger
Actually, long haired cats aren't always quick to find homes, not everyone (me included!) want the grooming and extra housework (something else that put me off adopting C & C!)

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:08 am
by Mayday21
Hi Andy ooohh what a dilemma especially when we’re softies for kitties. It appears the kitty has taken to you. Probably the first sincere kindness. Keep us posted. Vivian

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 1:53 pm
by AndyMac
Thanks - including this cat I am currently feeding 3 cats - there is a young tuxedo cat (the cutest wee thing) that regularly comes to my house and has a feed and a play and a sleep. Sometimes it would stay for a few hours and other times maybe 30 mins and then it leaves and goes home. We have gotten so close and it even kisses my nose. This tuxedo cat has got very possessive when it is with me and chases the long haired cat away from the house.

I took the long haired cat in last night as when I got home it must have been waiting in the garden and had got soaked - I dried it off and fed it and got a throw and let it sleep in the dining room for a few hours until the rain eased. It wanted back out again before I went to bed so I let it out. It is fine over the summer but worried about the winter and what I should do - I do not even know if it is litter tray trained so I am wary about keeping it in overnight. I think I will contact cats protection and ask their advice. I wonder if I sent them a picture would they put it on their website for re homing or do they need the cat at their premises before they would advertise it ??

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 4:08 pm
by Lilith
Oh boy oh boy, Andy, you are a marked man!

I would certainly contact the CP and every no-kill shelter in your area ... joking apart, when will it end, these poor needy cats, begging for food and depending on kindness from people like you? :(

And everyone on this forum who feeds, rescues and rehomes.

You're all heroes.

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:54 pm
by AndyMac
Thanks Lilith - I contacted CP in my area but the shelter is full with over 100 on the waiting list as you said previous it is the breeding season and they are overwhelmed.

I was chatting to the neighbour who lives next door to the person who abandoned the cats and she informed me that the person who moved into the house is complaining as the cats are crying at the door thinking the original owners are there and they want in or fed.

I dont know how to progress with this cat - found out tonight he is called Chewey - I really do not want to adopt him as my preference was always black cats with the exception of my wee tuxedo friend but I would not see it cast aside either and will feed it and keep looking after it but it looks like shelters are out of bounds now.

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:19 am
by Mayday21
Hi Andy if the new resident’s complaining obviously not a cat lover. Who could resist fur babes wanting food & shelter. I look at mine re colours, the boys are blue & whites, Snow Girl is as her name with blue eyes & Harper the terror tuxedo. Pebbles was also white with black spots. At least I can say with the blue & white boys my life isn’t Black & White. Do I detect a key turning in your heart? Keep us posted. Vivian & The Famous Four from Oz.

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:03 am
by Kay
I think you need a nice outdoor kennel - not just for this abandoned cat, but for any who needs shelter, because you have a good heart and are going to be constantly worrying about a stray or two

I have two cats living permanently in my garden, outside the enclosure I have for my two cats - I have been feeding them for years now, and they are always there or thereabouts, without showing any desire to be petted, or to come inside

they have one of these each ... roof/99847 which are really good, as the sleeping quarters are sheltered from the weather, and there is a covered area for food when it's wet - I put self-heating pads inside during the winter, and they share when it's particularly cold

it is of course an expense, but I've always believed my own peace of mind is worth a few bob

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:26 am
by Mollycat
Seems your protests about not wanting to adopt another cat might be falling on deaf ears. Cats have no respect for our wishes, do they? Still, you seem to be pretty well trained, food on demand, genuine care and concern. Vet bills sure to arise some time.

We don't choose to adopt them, these walk-ins, they decide to be adopted. It's how the cat domesticated itself, hanging around where the food was, and they have had 9000 years of practice at it. Highly evolved well adapted efficient adoptees.

We had one, well my ex still has her, a Tortie who followed her tuxedo companion when he decided to adopt us. We kept telling her we only had a black and white licence but she wouldn't listen. Prrp, thrrrp, feed me and I'll go sleep on your bed and you won't know I'm here. Just look at her and she purrs.

I see you're trying very hard, referring to this cat as "it" and not giving "it" a name, but I'm quietly taking bets on how long you can hold out. You know the power of the love of a cat. You know there is a part of our hearts reserved for cats and no matter how much it hurts when we lose them sooner or later the pain of loss is overtaken by the agony of having no special feline friend of our own. It-cat knows your pain. Cats are angels sent to us just when we need them, to heal us, support us through tough times, or just to be there for us. Angels prefer to take cat form because it gives them access to people and places dogs can't go, and dogs are more responsibility and so easier to hand over, and stray dogs get picked up. Besides, dogs can't purr, and purring heals the most shattered of all broken hearts.

Our loved ones are gone, and shutting out a new love cannot bring them back.

Let us know when It-cat gets a name ...

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:38 pm
by AndyMac
Thanks MollyCat - the cat is called Chewey (its previous owner) and more or less has moved in. I am still not sure if it is male or female as its a long haired cat and am too embarrassed to have a look - I think it may be female. Before I go to bed I see if it is about and it comes in and sleeps on the bed with me - strangely on the spot were Jet slept and if it sleeps in the spare room it sleeps on the same spot on the bed were Mia slept.

I feed it and let it out during the day when I am at work. I am not sure if it is litter trained so even if it is raining I would put it out. It is usually waiting for me when I get home and comes inside for food and will either stay inside or want to go back out again. The other two cats are still about also - there was a massive fight in the kitchen last night with the tuxedo cat being possessive so I put it out and let Chewey go upstairs to calm down.

I will take it to the vet for a check up. I have asked cat friendly neighbours not to be feeding it or to use flea treatment as I have been doing that. I will have to give it a good brush also. It has got more confident with being in the house and its getting used to noises but it still hides under the bed. I do play with it with some shoe laces and it does gradually come out for a play but I think it is just glad to get some individual attention. With the nights getting darker earlier and cooler I have considered getting a cat kennel that Kay suggested as I know no-one else seems interested in taking the cat on so it looks like it will be with me over the winter months.

Re: Abandoned Cat

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 5:29 pm
by Mollycat
How they worm their way in! This is lovely news to read. We had to have our boy put to sleep just a week ago so I'm emotionally fragile and this is really heart warming.

When my Henry moved in he would often sit on my old Misha's grave. He moved in 3 years after she died. They are extraordinary creatures.