strange cat from india

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strange cat from india

Post by magentawitch »

one of my friends was in india few years working found a cat kitten and took it in. Most people that live there do not like cats because they are top predators and will rip into chicken coops and kill all the chickens in a night or tear the screan and break all their necks. Sometimes (when i was a kid i had lil chickens half grown when i lived there) They would just grab one carry it off alive. But the cats there are not like the ones here at all. They are thin and lean. THey have that pouch like egyptian mau. THey are really really fast and high jumpers. I thought my bengal was the fastest cat on earth beacuse she was faster than my siamese and could jump higher as my bengal is f4. BUT this cat can leave my bengal in the dust. One strange thing is her teeth they look like dog teeth really long and thick. Would a bite from a cat like this cause serious pain? We have a vet appointment soon to do a lot of things. I know this cat. It took her a month to fall in love with me. The first two weeks he was VERY dangerous. When i went in the room to feed him. I want to show you a picture of his threatening posture. The only time i saw that threat was in california with a siamese bengal mixx i rescued. I gave this cat lots of space and one day he just started loving me. Now he wont leave me alone. BUt him and the bengal do go aat each other sometimes. Thankfully i havhe a 100 pound guard police dog to break it up and lay down the law.

My friend could not keep her because she owned a condo and this cat is half wild, her mother was feral, her mothers mother was feral the great grandmother was feral great great great great great great great great great grand mother was feral. That is why i am thinking this cat is abnormally wild becuase our feral rescues i take in for cat rescue tame down and become good pets. This cat tore up my friends condo and put my friend in living hell. The cat is very loud and vocal also. BUt here she is ok she has a cat door thatwas meant for my dog. I have a book on egyptian mau. AND

Ok so hes 16 months very thin tall and long cat, super super skinny he looks like a kitten still in the face, can he grow more? his feet are so huge he has so much confidence
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Re: strange cat from india

Post by Lilith »

Hi Magentawitch and welcome.

Yes, you get these evil little horrors springing up - I have one myself; she's 8 now and just as evil. I do love her dearly by the way and she's very possessive of me. I think she comes of Burmese stock, though she's ginger. I used to breed Siamese but she's far wickeder!

I've heard about the chicken-slaughtering cats; I got chatting to a taxi driver a while back and he said they were a menace back in Pakistan (he kept chickens there.) Judging by the description of your boy, Asian cats are taller and more athletic than the average UK 'moggy' which, generally, won't tackle a full-grown chicken - but there again, UK hybrid chickens are fat pampered things and may be weightier than other breeds ...

I tend to find that cats start to look full grown around 18 months. Is your boy neutered? That seems to 'plump them out' and settle them down.

Would love to see some photos of Strange Kitten :)
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