New Adopted Kitten Help/Advice please

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New Adopted Kitten Help/Advice please

Post by onaemtnest » Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:10 pm

We lost our 15 year old cat and decided to adopt a kitten from the shelter. Our kitten is 6-8 weeks old, we are feeding him wet/canned kitten formulated food and he has access to dry kitten kibble. He seems to prefer the wet food and nibbles now and again on the kibble. He is fantastic using the litter box, no accidents!

We have a nearly 5 year old female who adopted us as a stray she was probably 6-8 months old at the time. Our female which we just lost was definitely the dominate cat with the very few conflicts our 5 year old would usually flop over on her back showing no interest in fighting.

With the new kitten our five year old cat has pretty much sequestered herself and is quite put off with the kitten, however is appearing now and then to observe the kitten. It's been five days so I'm hoping she will be more relaxed around the kitten. First day older cat hissed and snarled and ran away like she was frightened. Now five days in she sits and observes awhile then, goes back to the bedroom and sleeps.

My major concern is this new kitten at 6-8 weeks is his stools, they aren't consistently formed more like a cow patty in the fields. NOT diarrhea/watery at all just loose without form. We have an appointment on Thur with our Vet. He is totally kitten not lethargic, sleeps like one would expect bursts of all out playfulness then a quick cat-nap and then bursts of extreme playfulness. It's been so long since we've had a newly born kitten I guess I've forgotten, having most recently had a little older kitten than this newly adopted guy.

I'd appreciate any advice.
Warm Smiles from Idaho, USA

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