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Ella is sleep scratching?

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:28 pm
by Susme48
Craziest thing happened: I imagine we have all seen cats, or dogs, moving their feet while asleep. The last two days she has been curling up near her scratching post and napping. I heard her go all out attack mode on it and glanced up to see her bottom feet ripping at it while her top feet were trying to rip it to shreds... only her eyes were closed and her head hung back. Then she slowly relaxed, that heavy kind where all the muscles relax, her feet just resting on the post. Occasionally she would give a weak scratch then rolled some and just "melted". She did the same yesterday. It just seemed really odd, almost like sleep walking. Do cats do that? I will try to catch a picture, but I don't move to fast these days.