Dangerous Collars

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Dangerous Collars

Post by JasonDR » Fri May 01, 2020 12:29 pm

Hi all
I recently bought some "Breakaway" safety collars from a (well known) auction site
To my horror the collars are so unbreakable I think I could probably hang myself on one of them before it "Brokeaway"
Despite my many complaints they are still on sale (so much for the site caring about animal wellfare as is their claim)

Please be aware that some unscrupulous sellers are selling what could be a death sentance to our beloved pets
Luckily I tested them before using but someone might not

So please tell all your friends to be carefull and test any collar they buy and if the collar is not safe complain bitterly to all who will listen
We might just save a life between us

Thanks for reading

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