Scooby PTS 7.4.2013

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Scooby PTS 7.4.2013

Post by Minkymin » Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:17 pm

My little boy Scooby was put to sleep on Sunday after developing FIP. Feline Inflamatory Peritonitis. He was 9 years old and I had been his mummy since the age of 7 weeks. I first noticed Scoobs had become unwell the Wednesday before. He wasn't going to the toilet and he had lost his appetite. He seemed very lethargic and not himself. He had started to hide in my daughters wardrobe most of the day which was odd. Took him to the vets Thursday and was told he wasn't constipated but had a distended abdo and very high heart rate. Was told this could have been kidney, heart or cancer. He recommended blood tests be taken the next day and see where we went from there. From the on Scoobs just seemed to go downhill I couldn't get him to eat or do much. The vet had given him dieretics to try and get rid of the fluid so he started drinking and weeing a lot. I thought this was a good sign and he even ate a tiny bit of ham Saturday. By Monday I was beside myself and hassles the vets for the results and was told the kidneys And liver were fine but that there was raised protein and white cells. Vet recorded he draw fluid from the abdo but I insisted he check Scoobs out again as I was convinced he was dying. To cut a long story short the results came back and the vet said he had FIP. I was devastated when the vet said there was no cure or treatment. I asked what to do and he said as I had said I didn't want him to suffer the kindest thing was to put him to sleep. Talk about devastated. I have never felt so heartbroken in my life. My daughter was at school so I told the vet I wanted to take him home to see her first and the although the vet said there was no rush I booked him back in for that evening. We took him home for three hours to say our goodbyes. Heartbreaking. I was with him when he passed and it was quick and painfree. We took Scooby home and buried him
In our garden. The problem is how do I get rid of this pain I have and this longing and loneliness and guilt ? I have never felt this way. He was my boy and I love him. I will never hug him again. He was so soft and furry. He followed me around like a dog. He lay on the ironing board while I ironed. He drank water from the tap when I brushed my teeth, he watched me in the shower. Everything!! I am heartbroken.

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Re: Scooby PTS 7.4.2013

Post by skriko » Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:22 pm

(((((((((Minkymin))))))))) hugs to u,i just lost zoe on sunday and the ride of emotions are sorry for your loss.i totally understand the pain and emptiness u feel.the guilt is the one that messes with my head the most,BEWARE of that! it is not your fault that this happened and you did what was right. poor Scooby was sick and you gave him loving care until the end.with his sickness scoobys life would have been full of pain and he would not be your final act of love you saved him from going through it.YOU DID WHAT WAS RIGHT,these are the words i have needed to her over and over again and u probably will did what was right.nothing is going to replace the love and bon between you and your pet.i know how empty the house will feel how you will look for scooby and he will not be there,that the hardest part to sorry this has happened and everyone says time is the key but,we are here now today and the pain will come in waves.this is day 4 for me and i hurt so very much,what i can tell u is that talking about it and telling your story has helped me alot. again so sorry for your loss and if you need to talk with someone who understands i will be there for u.anytime u would like to talk.u can contact me here or at [email protected] you peace and healing....D

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Re: Scooby PTS 7.4.2013

Post by Kay » Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:27 pm

I lost a 5 month old kitten to FIP in 2001, and it remains a horrible horrible disease

nearly all of us have been in that dark place you both are in now, and so understand only too well how you feel - there is no way to make it better, but try to remember all the love you shared with Scooby for the past 9 years - the pain you feel now is the price you pay for those years, and that love, and I am sure you will feel it is a price worth paying

we catlovers outlive many pets by the time we come to the end of our own lives, and every loss is devasting, yet the only alternative of never having a cat to love remains quite unthinkable

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