New cat following bereavement

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New cat following bereavement

Post by Mainecoon » Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:58 pm

We were devastated when our beautiful 6 ish year old Mainecoon Kara died to a careless inconsiderate driver in a perceived quiet road . Other 2 cats have been a little subdued ( understanding) After a lot of soul searching ..... 4 months on we have just got Elsa .. a B/W 6 month old S/H rescue stray found hours from death in cold snap here ( named after Snow Queen in Frozen)( As she was suffering from hypothermia & hours from death she was saved / cared for by local Vets ! ! Apart from a runny eye she seems fine ! We feel we did the right thing in giving her a loving home ! Tavy at 3 years old is now a little interested in new playmate & is getting more bold ! Rhea at 17 yrs old been there / done it ! No regrets & giving another rescue a home is good ( if it is possible for family circumstances .)

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Re: New cat following bereavement

Post by bobbys girl » Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:27 pm

Really pleased to hear your news.Welcome to the family little Elsa, you have really landed on your paws! :D Hope she settles in well for you.

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