Help & Support for those who have lost a beloved cat
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Post by Mainecoon » Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:59 pm

As in previous posts , we lost our so very much loved Mainecoon x Kara in September due to a RTA. The house did not feel right & younger cat Tavy was so sad... So in December we acquired a rescue 6 month old kitten Elsa ( a stray found close to death in freezing conditions ) from a local rescue , She is lovely & apart from a long term runny eye problem is fit & now given Tavy & 18 year old Rhea a new lease of life ( also the 2 Dogs ) !We thought long & hard but feel the right decision has been made , as all seem so much happier now . This was a hard decision to make though .

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Post by GitaBooks » Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:07 am

It can be so hard to get a cat or any animal after the loss of one, because you feel as though you are trying to somehow get back the companion and friend you lost. Our cat Nym lives indoors (our other cats are mostly outdoor cats) but it can be hard at times because our first indoor cat was actually Miracle. She was so sweet and precious but we lost her at only a year of age. We love having given Nym (an orphan) a chance at a great life and he is wonderful (if not selfish) but the most important thing is to remember they are not a replacement, they are a new friend that can bring back some of the companionship, love, and happiness into the household. Nym and Miracle are about opposites from one another in personality, but both were and are wonderful cats and we will always remember Miracle for who she was and what she meant to us.

I am so glad you found a wonderful, needy kitten and gave it a good home. I hope all continues to go well with your pets. : )

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