Help & Support for those who have lost a beloved cat
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Post by pandorawarlord »

lost my beautiful girl and am totally lost, is it all worth it , been in rescue since 1973 but her loss has devastated me hence the fact I have not made any post's
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Re: Symphony

Post by Kay »

I am so sorry - the pain of loss is indeed devasting

but it is the love that makes the loss so hard to bear, and the love is surely worth it, for you and for those you care and have cared for

the pain when a beloved life is lost can never wipe out the pleasure and joy that life gave, though it needs time to make that clear, I know
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Re: Symphony

Post by Ruth B »

Is it worth it, for me, yes, but it is a decision you have to make for yourself. If you read my posts you will find plenty of references to the cats my family, myself and my Mother have had, every one made me heart broken when they died, and everyone is remembered for the years of joy they brought me.

I also have only to look at little Freyja, a rescue cat that I barely saw when we decided to adopt her. so scared of humans that she was just running from one hiding place to another. The person running the rescue had pretty much come to the conclusion she would be a permanent resident as most people won't adopt a cat they can't see and that is that scared. For weeks we could not even touch her, but slowly she came around and now 18 months on she will come and tap my leg when I am on the computer and she wants fuss.

I know that when any of my three leave me I will once again be heart broken, but I only have to think of a little white paw tapping me on the leg to know, for me it is worth it.
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