Help & Support for those who have lost a beloved cat
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Post by cathyday »

It's taken a while to have enough courage to come on here and dedicate a small piece to our very special lad Boris who passed away on 31st December.
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Boris was a Hillgrove Farm cat and was claimed by the RSPCA in 1999 when the farm closed after many protests by Animal Rights campaigners. He was born on March 1st 1998 and lived in a cage with at least 30 other cats, including his 'brother' Herman, who was born in May 1998. The cats were bred for 'research' and would have gone for vivisection had the farm not closed.

We brought Boris and Herman home on 14th September 1999. They were about 18 months old but had never known what normal life was all about so we had to start from scratch and introduce them very slowly to everything inside and outside our house in Luton. Boris was very confident and adventurous whilst Herman was very quiet and followed Boris around. By the time we moved to Cheshire in 2002 you wouldn't know the cats had had a different start to life. They were very affectionate and both loved the outdoors life.

We lost Hermie to CRF in 2008 and felt like our world had collapsed. However, in September 2008 we adopted H. It took Boris a while to get used to his new very bouncy companion but he eventually did and they would cuddle up every night on our bed. In 2009 Boris developed Thyroid problems which resulted in the complete removal of both glands in 2012. Then in 2014 he developed problems with his teeth and jaws which meant he could no longer chew his food. He had all bar 2 teeth removed and we began blending his food for him every meal, which he still tucked into vigorously. Then in early 2015 he was diagnosed with CRF. He had to have 2 lots of meds per day for his thyroid function and CRF but because he had a great appetite we added everything to his food and it just disappeared. I should also mention at some point he lost his hearing which meant he was confined to our house and back garden, which didn't seem to bother him.

For the last few months of his life, up to the day he died, Boris was a very happy, purry lad who liked nothing better than to sit with us on the bed or the settee and be fussed until he fell asleep. His last week was very sad as we watched our lad slip away from us meaning we had to make the hardest decision on New Years Eve.

We loved you Boris with all our hearts and will miss you forever but I can also smile at the things you, Hermie and H have done together.

Nite, nite my handsome lad.
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Re: Boris

Post by alanc »

Sorry to hear of you loss of Boris. He was indeed a handsome lad. He had a much better, happier and longer life than looked likely when he was born. I remember the Hillgrove cat farm - it was a blot on the landscape round here for far to long.
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Re: Boris

Post by lilynmitz »

Hi Cathy, sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this, having huge problems logging into this site, still not quite sorted.

Anyway, I'm so very, very sorry to hear about Boris. He was an old CatChat star, and I loved hearing your stories of his exploits with the then young H. He must be one of the last of that era to go, and I know how much you and Glen loved him. What a wonderful life you gave him and Hermie, after such a grim outlook to their early years. The boys are back together again, along with some of our other old CC celebrities but I know how much you will both be missing him, and making that final decision, however right you know it to be, is unbearably hard.

I see you have found a place in your home for another needy puss, and while none of our lost felines can ever be fully replaced, I hope he is making the house feel a little less empty, and bringing smiles back into your home again. No doubt H is still being a terror, and I suspect Boris will somehow be keeping him in line from the over the Bridge.

Take care, thinking of you all. Anna
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Re: Boris

Post by Mrs Kane »

That is one pretty boy!

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Cathy. It sounds like Boris had quite the journey in his long life. Living as a kitten in a research shelter, having to relearn how to live... I had to look up CRF and no one, person nor animal should have to go through that.

Normally I try and write a poem to dedicate to the life that was lost. I've tried writing it a few times but this one is hard. I hope this one is good enough.

I climbed mount Everest and came back.
I took my well-felt share of flack

My life was caged 'til you came by
And now I never need to cry

Although my start in life was rough
I proved to everyone I'm tough
I relearnt, reloved, remade myself
And you ensured I wasn't made for wealth.

I lost my brother and he lost me
But now we're together again you see.

Your grieve may hurt for just a while
But in time I hope you'll think of me and smile

You may think you didn't do enough...

But you gave me a life I did not have.
You gave me eyes to see anew
You cared for me, and in time I cared for you

You gave me everything and more.
So I'll just wait for you by the door...
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Re: Boris

Post by Mayday21 »

Mrs Kane your ode to Boris is as always so touching - always have a few tears when I read your dedications. And I'm sure Boris's family will be touched by your words. Vivian
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