Moomoo RIP.

Help & Support for those who have lost a beloved cat
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Moomoo RIP.

Post by modmodgirl » Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:15 pm

Just lost my sweet 17 year old Tortie baby Moomoo on Monday after a month battle with squamous cell carcinoma. Hurts every day.
Miss my girl so much.

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Re: Moomoo RIP.

Post by Janey » Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:14 pm

God Bless sweet Moomoo xx

It’s so hard on us when we lose our cats, they’re a part of the family and it does hurt like hell, but it will get easier. Take care xx

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Re: Moomoo RIP.

Post by Mayday21 » Fri Nov 16, 2018 10:14 pm

Hi please accept my sympathies on the passing of your lovely Moomoo. My Mayday was a Tortie (shevwasnt a naughty Tortie) & they certainly leave paw prints on your heart. It will take time to work through your feelings of loss please don’t rush the process. If you need support please don’t hesitate to post what your going through. People here have been there & will empathise with you. RIP Moomoo. Vivian

Bertie 2017
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Re: Moomoo RIP.

Post by Bertie 2017 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:43 am

Hi first of all ,I am so sorry for your loss ,I hope all the wonderful time s you shared ,will
Give your comfort ,in the sad times that come ,and always remember you are among .
Friends ,who understand how your feeling ,and won’t judge you ,so never feel you have
Too keep your emotions ,too yourself ,my family just doesn’t understand my loss ,so
I find online and pet breavment support ,telephone service ,a life line ,they have helped me .manage and understand my grief , and have helped me back on my feet ,still almost
A year on ,I still get my low moments ,I truly believe ,it doesn’t really go away ,you just
Learn to live with it ,and I understand ,what having a cat means ,it’s not just a pet ,it’s
A valued member of the family ,and much treasured too ,we love our pets ,as if they
Were humans themselves ,so it’s no wonder ,we feel devastated ,then they are gone
Plus a home without a cat ,is just a empty house ,do you have any other pets ? I have
Basil the brother ,of Bertie ,the cat ,I lost aged 7 years ,and find him a great comfort and joy
Too have around ,he has kept me going through ,the darkest times ,I do hope ,you find
Comfort ,and peace very soon ,but remember every one is here for you x

Nicky brown
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Re: Moomoo RIP.

Post by Nicky brown » Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:00 pm

Sorry to hear about your tortie. I have a tortie girl Truffle, who is 5 though acts more like 45. She loves to sleep but she has her tortitude too and when you see those big eyes, you know something is up. The other evening Hobbs ( my black 15 yr old male) was outside on the window sill. Truffle kept jumping up on the inside sill and hitting the glass opposite him with her paws - looked like she was trying to give him a fright. After a few turns at this, she went to the door and asked out. My daughter was in hysterics because when she opened the front door, Truffle darted round the corner and jumped straight up on the window sill attacking poor Hobbs. What a minx. She didn't want out at tall, she was just on a mission to tease Hobbs. She also has a mischievous habit of going under the rug in front of the fire - instead of lying on it. Tortie's do have an interesting personality. It's so hard when you lose a member of your family - whatever the circumstances. It is now 4 weeks since I lost my 2 yr old boy Hendrick, my baby. Not a day has gone by when I haven't thought about him and shed a tear. We had no Halloween pumpkin this year and missed the bonfire and fireworks and now Christmas is rapidly approaching but unlike me, I've no enthusiasm to get the decorations out of the attic. Hendy's first Christmas he climbed the Christmas tree and pulled it over. Last Christmas, he smashed a bauble but it didn't matter because he was just playing. We always have after 8's at Christmas and one of Hendy's party pieces was always knocking the rolled up wrappers off the table with his paw then chasing them round the room. It will be lonely without him and I'm feeling so sad that he won't be here to 'help' me untangle the lights like the last two years and 'help' me hang the tinsel. I've loved his wide eyes and youthful innocence as he watched the decorations sparkle. Losses are hard but I think especially at this time. I miss my little ginger boy as you miss your old tortie girl. At least you had many Christmases together that you can reflect on and your girl will have had A Wonderful Life because of you. Chin up. NIcky x

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