Unexpectedly Lost My Cat

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Unexpectedly Lost My Cat

Post by blackcatlover123 »

Hello everyone. I just found this page after looking at dealing with pet loss tonight, and I feel like maybe some of you guys can help me figure out the best way to handle this. I am in college, and today my parents called me telling that they unexpectedly had to put down our middle cat, Tabitha. She was only 10 years old, and I expected a long and healthy life for her. We have an older cat, Jasmine, who I adore, but who I never expected to outlive Tabitha since she is 6 years older. My cat had a fatal case of pancreatitis that the vet said couldn't be treated (and happened very quickly, I didn't even know she was sick until my parents called today), and my parents had to put her down before my sister and I had a chance to say goodbye.

I am having a very tough time considering how young she is, I didn't get to say goodbye, and that pancreatitis can usually be manageable for most cats. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for handling something like this when it happens so unexpectedly? I am trying to process this as best as I can, but I feel like I can't reach out to my friends because they wouldn't understand, and I don't want my family to hurt more considering I am usually the rock. Just looking for some advice please, and thank you guys for being apart of such a helpful forum like this.
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Re: Unexpectedly Lost My Cat

Post by fjm »

I am so sorry - it is devastating to lose a much loved cat even when you have some time to prepare and say goodbye, and you have the added pain of bearing the sudden shock alone. Pancreatitis can be extremely painful, and can progress very quickly - if the vet recommended euthanasia it was certainly the kindest thing to do to save her further suffering. Do try to find someone to talk to - perhaps a cat owning member of staff, or your sister if she is feeling the same way, or the Blue Cross provides a free pet bereavement counselling service which might help. Remember all the love you gave to Tabitha, the cuddles and happy days - she knew the comfort and security of your love even if you could not be there at the very end. Grieving is a painful process, that only time can help - be kind to yourself. (((Hugs)))
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Re: Unexpectedly Lost My Cat

Post by alanc »

Very sad to hear of your loss and I wish there were some magic words that would make the pain go away, but I have not found any yet. I know only to well how you are feeling, having lost my Badger when he was 5 very rapidly to cancer 3 and a half years ago. Pancreatitis is a nasty disease that can come on very suddenly and can be very difficult to treat. My Tilly very nearly died of it last year - at one point she wasn't expected to last the night. I agree with fjm, that being able to talk to someone (even us lot here, who certainly understand your grief) is the best way.
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Re: Unexpectedly Lost My Cat

Post by issiandarchie+68 »

Your heart must be truly breaking, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Of my 3 cats, Armand died aged 11yrs old suddenly, on a routine visit to the Vet, my sweet Cody exactly 4 weeks to the day later at a young 8yrs. Like you, we had the idea that Gandhi, the eldest, who is still with us at nearly 15yrs old would go first because of his various health problems, Armand would follow but lovely, previously healthy Cody would be with us for many years after. It's no consolation to you pet, but life isn't ordered or fair and I agree with the others, pancreatitis is particularly nasty, your parents did the kindest thing in letting her go. Take heart, right now it hurts like hell but every day it will hurt a tiny bit less.

Warm virtual hugs heading your way

Bertie 2017
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Re: Unexpectedly Lost My Cat

Post by Bertie 2017 »

Hi black cat lover 123 :my heart totally gos out ,too you ,I lost my cat Bertie before his time
Please read my posts ,and I am honest with you ,it had hit me harder than ,any other loss ,
We all know ,our cats lifespan ,isn’t as long as ours , but losing them at any age is tough,
But losing them ,suddenly and unexpectedly , is very hard too get your head around ,I have
Tons of support ,not only on this website ,but on pet breavment support line ,I have a
Number for ,the blue cross ,if you feel ,it would help ,you can either ,talk too someone
Or email or both ,,and my advice too you would be ,don’t feel ashamed ,of your emotions and feelings ,everything you’re feeling is perfectly normal ,believe me there are very kind
And understanding people n,out there , who wouldn’t judge you ,but support you ,after all
We ,all. Understand ,the pain and loneliness ,grief ,brings and the support ,I have had
Has been priceless , and I would like to say ,I admire you ,for loving black cats ,because
Sadly they get overlooked ,in rescue centres ,I had two ,in my teenage years ,and both
Where ,very gentle and affectionate cats ,anyway I hope ,this website brings you some
Comfort and peace , xx
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