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Goose Rainbow Bridge May 28 2019

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:05 pm
by Goose
Before registering, I've read so many pet loss stories of the Rainbow Bridge and my heart breaks for you all.
I was unsure whether to post.

My furbaby, Goose, transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge 4 days ago, May 28th. He was 21 yrs old. I know there are many here who have lost their babies at a much, much younger age, but I needed somewhere to write. I'm a senior and I really can't express my feelings or cry at home. While my husband feels the loss of Goose, it's so different than the loss I feel. At times I show my feelings but not too much as my husband is concerned for my health.

Goose came to us when he was 11 years old. He was originally my daughter's cat who had lived out of state and when she came to visit she brought him with her. He became ill and we brought him to a vet.

He had an exploratory lap surgery and a a solitary tumor along with his spleen was removed. (Mass/abscess was at the base of the spleen.) Good news there was no cancer or tumor. Dx was Severe necrotizing, supprative, hemorrhagic pancreatitis with edema and thrombosis. We nursed him back to good health. When it was time for my daughter to leave, I wanted to Goose to stay with us. Though it was difficult for her to leave without him, she knew he was in good hands. I thought it better to be with us because we are seniors and are home.

For the past 10 years, Goose was a joy to have around. He was talkative, very much a lap cat. He always followed us around. He slept with us. He was always in the midst of everything we did. He loves to burrow under blankets. There was so many wonderful beautiful things about him.

About 3 yrs ago he began with kidney disease.. he was on a special diet. I was very Vigilant with his care. He was also hypothyroid. He was getting fluids weekly from our vet

On Tues, May 28th, my husband was taking him to the vet for a routine exam. For some reason I did not go.
I was on my landline while the vet was examining Goose. He was down to 4 pounds. I knew he had lost weight and was very skinny, but he was still was loving and always following us, sleeping with us and sitting on our laps. He had pet stairs to jump on our bed, because he was not able to jump. We could also pick him up. Even though,Goose seemed happy. I had wanted to get a flea medication, oral. When I ask my vet about the she said she what's more concerned about his eating habits, which had diminished. I knew this and was giving him anything for him to eat. We weren't going to have blood work because what was the sense. I knew that Goose would be going to the Rainbow Bridge soon , but did not expect that day. They asked if I wanted to take him home, but I said no. I wanted him to go to the Rainbow Bridge that day because I could not bear the thought of him coming home and then having to return him to the vet for that reason. My husband was with him and he said that Goose was calm & surrendered.

At times I feel like I should have been there with him, but at times I'm relieved at the way it happened. I know it will take time for me. I have been through this 4 times before and it is never easy.

Thank you for allowing me to post my thoughts about my beloved little buddy, Goose. I have so many videos
and photos of him, although I do cry when I watch them and feel sad, but I am so happy to have them.

Goose, I will never forget you not ever. I loved you so much Kitty. I hope that Maverick, your buddy, from when you were a kitten has met you at the gates of the Rainbow Bridge.

Re: Goose Rainbow Bridge May 28 2019

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:12 am
by fjm
What a wonderful second life you gave him - few cats would survive that diagnosis, and he had ten more happy, loving years with you before being gently helped to slip away. I hope the good memories help as time goes by, even if now they just seem to remind you of what you have lost. And I hope, when the time is right, Goose and Maverick send another little cat in need of love to share all that they taught you.

Re: Goose Rainbow Bridge May 28 2019

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:18 pm
by issiandarchie+68
Dear 'Goose', I read your post with sorrow and wondered how to respond to your sad loss. But then I read FJM's warm and understanding reply and felt I couldn't add to that. I am so sorry. I went through the same experience with my husband when we lost Armand and young Cody within 4 weeks to the day of each other. I was devastated but he didn't seem to be affected nearly as badly. Very unusual for him, a normally kind caring man. However, his grief showed in small changes, he drank rather too much red wine of an evening, went to bed at a ridiculousy early hour, rising very late and, a quiet man at the best of times, became even more the dour Scotsman. Fortunately, he returned to his 'normal' self quite quickly, admitting he felt the pain just as badly. The love you both felt for Goose shines out from the page and I think your husband, being there at Gooses's last moment, will be feeling the loss quite deeply, the memory playing over and over, probably wondering did he do the right thing, but at the same time, trying to be strong for the both of you, wondering how to comfort you, not really knowing how. However, I don't think you should supress your grief, that certainly is not good for your health. No matter how much you try suppress it, it will burst forth eventually, your heart taking longer to heal.
Thinking of you and sending warm virtual hugs


Re: Goose Rainbow Bridge May 28 2019

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:45 pm
by Goose
Thank you FJM for your kind words. Feeling somewhat better this morning, although its 7 days ago today Goose transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge. . Coming to a chat room helps me to record my thoughts and express my true feelings. I am sure I will be back.

I am so sorry for the loss of Armand and young Cody within 4 weeks. I can’t imagine the devastation you endured. Losing one is devastation enough. I am glad your husband returned to his normal self. I should realize people react differently to tragedies. For us, we can’t suppress our emotions. My husband does mention Goose, stating how quiet our home is even though Goose wasn’t noisy, but he was constantly present wherever we were, thinking Goose was near the door. I too feel this way. On top of losing Goose, we had a flea infestation that started a month before Goose’s passing. So I have been doing the usual laundering, vacuuming. We used Fleabusters powder and over the weekend a fogger. I’ve been so busy with treating the house after these applications. It is exhausting. Of course, seeing Goose’s water bowl, combs, brushes, meds that I have discarded or put away. Just stuff, you know? I am trying to keep in mind the love Goose gave us and the joy and laughter throughout the years and especially how fortunate we were to have him all these years.
Sending warm virtual hugs to you.

Re: Goose Rainbow Bridge May 28 2019

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:42 am
by Jules20
So sorry for your loss of Goose. My boy was 21yrs old too (I had him for 12yrs) and we certainly don't miss them any less because they were a good age. We do have a lot of lovely memories to look back on but it is hard to see them sometimes through the pain we feel. My husband was very sad and still is but he has accepted it much quicker than me as I'm still struggling 7 months on. I am grateful that I can pour my feelings out to him but like you he does get concerned about me so it is difficult sometimes. As others have said you do need to let the grief out and have a good cry when you need to. I have no other words of wisdom as I'm not yet there myself but it helps a little sometimes to know you are not alone.

Thinking of you and sending love and healing hugs your way. Julia xxx

Re: Goose Rainbow Bridge May 28 2019

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:30 pm
by Goose
Hello Julia, I just read your post.about Merlin. I was overcome with tears reading it. I can't imagine what you and your husband, of course Merlin, had gone through. I see how much love you both had for Merlin. You tried everything possible to take care of him. I guess I was fortunate that Goose did not have a medical issues that Merlin had. I say why did it precious little kitty have to go through what he did. We will never know the answer. It is just heartbreaking for all of us. There is a passage I think it's from the Rainbow Bridge. Something to the effect that one day there will be a path that are pet will take and we will not be able to go down that path with them. Having a pet does not always come without sadness.

This is my fourth pet that I loved so much, 3 cats and one dog, and had to send to the Rainbow Bridge. We lost our one cat Dylan due to the pet food recall in 2007 that was horrible
I understand how you felt as this was your second pet. It doesn't matter it's never easy. I can't really recall how I felt for the last three but I'm sure it was just the way I feel right now. Your story was very touching and sad and I hope that you too will be able to get through this.

I thought today would be better but then my husband picked up Goose's remains. At least I know he's back home with us. I did express my feelings in front of my husband and I know he understands . I know he feels Goose's loss too, but he is able to control his feelings.
We also have his paw in clay.

I did take some medication which really helped me a bit. I feel more calm and my stomach is not doing cartwheels. My niece had a double mastectomy in January. She's been doing well until Friday when she had a doctor's appointment and some of the tumor markers were elevated. This is frightening for her and of course for all of us in our family. The doctor ordered a CT scan a bone scan . Of course waiting for these procedures to be done and then waiting for the results adds more stress. She is very close to me. I feel badly discussing Goose with her when she has so much on her mind oh, but she is also a wonderful pet parent. I'm praying that I will go well for her.

I want to thank you for your gracious reply to me. I'm sure I will be back here.

Hope you have sweet dreams of Merlin.
Sending hugs to you.


P.S. Reviewing my pos. seems like I'm all over the place. So I hope you will understand.

Re: Goose Rainbow Bridge May 28 2019

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:14 am
by Jules20
Thank you for your kind words Gloria (my middle name is Gloria). You are right about the sadness and about not being able to go down the path with them. It is tough when they are such a big part of our lives and we love them so much.

I'm glad you are able to express your feelings to your husband. It does help to talk about it and not bottle it up.

I know the feeling of the stomach doing cartwheels, I take some herbal remedies which seem to help a bit.

So sorry to hear about your niece, such a tough time for you at the moment. I will keep my fingers crossed for her and your family.

Take care of yourself. Julia xxx

Re: Goose Rainbow Bridge May 28 2019

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:29 am
by Mayday21
Hi Gloria so sorry to read on Goose’s passing. I came to this site after losing Mayday my avatar after 21+yrs. she was & always be my darling girl. I received wonderful support at that time from peeps here. I agree with Fjm’s kind words. Take your time in processing your loss of this special family member who was loved & cared for. Vivian