A cat I am attached to (not mine) was lost by irresponsible owner

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A cat I am attached to (not mine) was lost by irresponsible owner

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My mom emailed me this morning to tell me that one of her cats had been missing for over a month and that she is convinced that he is now gone forever.

I lived with my mom for a few years and I got very attached to all of her cats, particularly this one. I moved out almost a year ago.

Since then, my mom said that she has been leaving the dog doors that were left by the original owner open, and the cats now have free range to go in and out of the house all day and night.

Her motivation for doing this because she said that scooping litter hurts her back. She said she asked the local vet and (to my surprised) they encouraged her, even telling her that it would help get the cats exercise.

My mom lives in a rural neighborhood in some mountains which is very isolated from busy roads, but there are all sorts of dangers due to wild predators, poisonous plants, farmers who may intentionally kill cats to protect their chickens, and stuff like that.

What makes this an even worse idea is that this particular cat is known to run away from home at first chance. One time he got out by accident and he was gone for two weeks. When he came back he smelled like garbage, and we thought maybe he had gotten stock in a neighbor’s been. He could have been easily thrown into a garbage truck and killed.

One of the other cats also has a habit of eating things they find on the ground, and had to have a major surgery to their intestines once after they ate some scrap of string.

So I asked my mom not to do it, but she wouldn’t listen to me.

She sent me an email about how sad and depressed she is that he is gone, and I just??? I’m so angry. Even after this incident she still won’t keep the other cats indoors. Because scooping litter is too much work.

I know I’m probably extra angry because I’m grieving his loss, but I really feel like screaming.
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Re: A cat I am attached to (not mine) was lost by irresponsible owner

Post by Kay »

the dilemma between freedom and safety has always been an issue, and causes a lot of divisions

the compromise if it is an option is to secure part of the garden/yard so a cat can be safe but free to wander within the enclosed space - this is what I have done - but I still prefer my cats to use a litter tray as at least I know where the pee and poop are, and can dispose of it

the boy who has disappeared may of course have come to no harm - he might even have holed up with someone else - though it is never nice not knowing
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