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Not letting go is destroying me

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:16 am
by Bertie 2017
Hi guys as I am sure you know I lost my cat Bertie ,almost two years ago ,and it’s been a hell
Of a rollercoaster ride , I am no stranger too ,cat loss ,Bertie was one of many ,but his loss
Has been the worst I have ever felt ,a grief so dark and painful ,it’s putting me off ever
Getting any more ,cats ,I have had cats in the family since I was 3 years old ,I am almost
47 years old ,I have rescued many cats ,including a cat ,in pregnancy ,from being drowned
In a near by river ,so yes you could say ,cats are part of me ,Bertie was my whole world ,
My everything ,the joy he brought into my life ,was priceless he made me so happy ,I used
Too call him my sunshine ,because he could lit up any grey day ,I feel life is so cruel and unfair , it’s easier accepting a loss if the cat was old ,please don’t get me wrong ,it’s
Still painful , but losing a cat so Young is wrong ,I feel I will never ever get over my
Loss ,and this is ,my life ,now ,please can any one ,give me advice ,? Because I feel
Stuck in limbo life is going on around me ,but I feel ,I cannot move forward ,

Many thanks x

Re: Not letting go is destroying me

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:49 am
by Cora4
What I found helpful was writing out all sorts of good memories and behaviors of my kitty Precious. I had her for 12 of her 19 years.

Find an outlet for memories, maybe even bad ones from m to the end (just don't keep it after). If not writing, draw/paint, do a collage of photos, out together a video.

But if you're having depression issues after this long, it might also be time to speak with a doctor or psychologist. Even a friend.

It sounds like it's been a long time, sometimes the best thing for memories is to use them, not let them sit. Best thing for depression is simply doing something, anything.

Hope this helps