Will I ever let go . ?

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Will I ever let go . ?

Post by Bertie 2017 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:12 pm

Hi friends ,for those of you that knows ,I lost my dear Bertie ,just over two years ago ,
And it still seems ,I am feeling the pain of his loss ,I think about him 24/ 7 ,and wish so
Bad he was still here ,I watched a video of him today ,usually I don’t have any issues
With looking at pictures of him ,but the fact he was moving ,and being his cheeky little
Normal self ,set me off , I cannot seem to stop crying ,because of it ,I know I cannot
Turn back time ,and nothing I can do and say ,will bring Bertie back ,but that doesn’t
Stop me wishing I could have him back ,I feel I will never be my normal happy self,
Again ,it’s 3 years this November ,can anyone please help me ,and give me some advice ,
I just what too feel normal again ,and not be stuck in this circle forever ,
Letting go is easier said than done ,

Thanks x

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