Help with loss

Help & Support for those who have lost a beloved cat
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Help with loss

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Hi, I had the terrible decision to make at 1.50 am to have my beloved isabelle put to sleep. She was 17 years old and my most precious baby. She has always had ailments throughout her life ear mites as a kitten constipation epilepsy diabetes wow the list goes on but she made a good age which I never expected she was so friendly and fussy she loved her chicken and licky lick sticks she had the loudest purr and the longest whiskas ever she always came running when I whistled even at the end she couldn't get up I whistled and she lifted her head my heart is breaking and the pain is unbearable I feel I will never feel the same again I miss her sleeping next to me in bed I miss her sprawled out on the settee I miss her beautiful meow and her gorgeous eyes her little white feet . I have 5 other cats with me and I've never felt so alone . Please does this get easier i feel like i can't cope with this feeling .
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Re: Help with loss

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I am so sorry - what a darling she must have been. Yes, it does get better, but slowly and painfully. Little by little the pain will ease, little by little the darkness lifts, until one day you will remember her with both tears and a smile. Until then be kind to yourself, and give yourself time to recover.

Run free and happy Isabelle, chasing sky mice between the stars.
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