Help me overcome a loss

Help & Support for those who have lost a beloved cat
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Help me overcome a loss

Post by catlover77 »

Hello Cat Chat,

I made an account today just so I can ask for help and some advice, I will try to make the story shorter and I will really appreciate it if you can help me somehow.

Approx. 1 year ago I adopted 2 baby kittens from 2 different locations (left on the street), I took them as babies I fed them with pacifier, the interesting thing is they were few months different in age found on different location but they were almost the same like 2 brothers. They loved each other, played ate together, went to the WC together slept together they did EVERYTHING together.

This Saturday a disaster happened. The younger of the two fell from a 7th floor building, I instantly went down found him maybe 5 meters away from the crash site coughing blood with the one eye half out and begging for help. I did not moved him in any way I called a vet right away but after maybe 5 - 7 minutes he died. He just stood up one last time and fell and died. Now I am extremely sad with questions like why I did not saw he was on the window, why I did not close the window, could I have given him first aid down there so he could live a little more while I took him to the vet? The other cat is doing nothing now.... rarely eats just making circles around the whole apartment. I need you to help me overcome this somehow I need someone to listen me

I love all animals equally but this cat was something different. You will never believe it but he purred 24/7 nonstop and he was like a dog always following you always getting on you to pet him which makes me even more sad. HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS, HE WAS JUST SUCH A GOOD SOUL.....
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Re: Help me overcome a loss

Post by Lisa-D »


I'm so sorry for your loss. I've moved your post to the Bereavement Support section of our forum as this is the best place for you to share your feelings and receive help and support from other cat lovers, most of whom have suffered the loss of a pet at some time.

Best Wishes,

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Re: Help me overcome a loss

Post by fjm »

I am so very sorry - such a devastating accident to happen to a beloved, healthy young cat. I do not think anything will stop the "if onlys...", but try to think of the wonderful, happy year he had in your care, when without you he would have died as a tiny kitten. After such a fall I don't think any amount of care would have made any difference - it sounds as if he had severe internal injuries, and had you been able to get him to a vet I am sure they would have recommended immediate euthanasia. Nature stepped in so he did not suffer for more than a few minutes.

Be kind to yourself, and to your other cat. Grief hurts, and we all recover in different ways and in different time spans, but keeping as much as possible to your usual routine will help him, and may help you. We do understand what you are feeling - most of us have lost loved cats to accident or disease or the slow ravages of age. If it helps to talk about him, and about your feelings, there will always be someone here to listen.
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Re: Help me overcome a loss

Post by Bertie 2017 »

Hi just read your strory I am so sorry to hear about your loss ,sadly accidents happen ,
I lost my darling Bertie ,almost 3 years ago ,due too a freak accident ,if you don’t know ,
I will tell you ,he got trapped as I was closing the washing machine door ,it damaged
His spine and bladder ,we tried and fought hard too save him ,but I let him go in the end ,
The guilt almost destroyed me , thinking what if I had did ,the washing another day ,
Or had taken him sooner too ,the vet ,,but no sadly no that wouldn’t have changed
The out come ,sadly fate ,plays a huge part in our lives , and accidents happen ,I have
Learned that ,so please don’t be so hard on yourself ,the grief will eat you up ,so
Be kind too yourself ,and continue posting on this website , it helps a lot ,
It helped me ,in the early days ,

A great comfort

Hugs and kisses x
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Re: Help me overcome a loss

Post by Moochie »

The tragedy of accidents never ceases in animals or humans, and the pain is immense. I am so sorry for your loss. In hindsight we would all do things in life differently. But we live life forwards and we are powerless to change history. We blame ourselves for not anticipating tragedies or being able to alter the course of events when they happen. Our lives as living things are hard. I heard a truly sad story of a human loss where a father ran over his own toddler with his van, as she had ran out onto the drive when he was leaving and he didn't see her.
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