Posting Photos - Help

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Posting Photos - Help

Post by YogiBoy »

To add photos to your post please use the following guidelines:

Maximum image size: 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels
Max filesize: 300 KB per photo
Max number of images per post: 7
We also have it set so that if an image is larger than 650 px by 650 px it will display them as an attachment, rather than “inline” within the post.

If you need to re-size your photo for posting on the web, and don’t have a photo programme on your computer, do not despair! There are some great, free web resources available, where you can crop, re-size and optimise your photos, as follows:

On-line resizing facilities: (straightforward crop / resize / optimize tool) (straightforward crop / resize / optimize tool) (straightforward crop / resize / optimize tool) (free, more advanced photo editor, similar to Photoshop)

Then, to post your photo:
Below the message box, click on ‘Attachments’ > ‘Add files’, then choose the photo from your documents.

Hope that helps!