New home needed for loveable cat!

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New home needed for loveable cat!

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Hi All

I am having to post this for my mother as it is a very difficult situation...

She has to moved to a home and unfortunately they do not allow pets in the building.. which is now where she is struggling to come to terms that she needs to re-home her cat Thomas.

He is a lovely cat, independent and likes to be outside and also inside for his evening stroke and scratch. He is healthy and has had no issues with his health, he is neutered, had his vaccinations etc...
It has got desperate now as i have tried places but everywhere is full and cannot re-home any more cats, and we have just 2 weeks left before the move..

If anyone has any ideas or could help i would be very grateful
Located in the Essex area.
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Re: New home needed for loveable cat!

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Cat Chat’s rehoming advice page should help, which also includes advice on ways to avoid having to rehome:
You could also email Cat Chat’s Help Desk for further advice: cat.advice (at)
Alternatively, our ‘Renting With Cats’ page has lots of information and links on how to negotiate with landlords regarding renting with cats:
Also, Cat Chat’s general rehoming advice page includes a ‘Rented Accommodation’ section, so this might also help:

We hope this helps!
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