Struggling to Rehome 19 yr old cat

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Struggling to Rehome 19 yr old cat

Post by carmen_bow » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:25 pm

I have been attempting to rehome my 19 year old cat for months now and am having an extremely difficult time. He has a lot of behavior and health issues, and is generally quite difficult. For example, he is ALWAYS hungry and meowing for food, he pees on the carpet regularly, and he will stop at nothing to sit on laps, no matter how welcome his efforts are. However, he does seem to be generally quite happy and the vet says he has no life-threatening illnesses. I am seriously struggling to find a home for him, though, as most people can't stand him and wouldn't want a cat that old, anyway. I have called multiple cat adoption charities and services and none will take him. I have had numerous people say I should have him euthanized, but this seems inhumane as he is still a happy boy. Am I right? Or would it be more responsible to put him to sleep than to risk having him go to a new home and have his new owners be unhappy with him? Besides, a change of owner might be traumatic for him at this age, anyway. Help please!

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Re: Struggling to Rehome 19 yr old cat

Post by GillianH » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:50 pm

Reading your post I am not sure whether it is genuine or not as I cannot believe a cat lover with a 19 year old cat would ever consider trying to re-home their cat at this grand age (or any age for that matter).

If you are genuine then please don't take my response the wrong way.

Is your wish to have him re-homed due to his urinating on the floor? A cat of 19 may have "accidents" so perhaps extra litter boxes should be made available for him in case he gets caught short. Always being hungry could be a sign of illness but you say your vet can find nothing wrong so perhaps he is just a boy who loves his food. As for having him euthanised - my immediate reaction would be why? If he is well and happy why would you want to end his life?

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Re: Struggling to Rehome 19 yr old cat

Post by Crewella » Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:30 pm

This is difficult - for an elderly cat like this to have to move home is a huge ask - is there any way you can keep him for the remainder of his days? There really can't be that many more of them ...... to be perfectly honest, :(

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Re: Struggling to Rehome 19 yr old cat

Post by papacat » Sat Feb 20, 2016 2:45 pm

May I ask why you are trying to re-home the little one? I am a single chap who had seven cats and recent one of my little ones passed away. I would move and Heaven and Earth to have her back but I know she is at Rainbow Bridge. So that's that. The only reason I would consider re-homing my cats is if I knew I was about to die in a few months time, as there would be no one else to take over their care. Most humans are not capable of unconditional love, so I would worry about re-homing an elderly grandpa or grandma cat with incontinence issues. Besides the change of home might cause him to die of a broken heart. I am not sure of your circumstances, and if it is terminal illness on your part or some other tragic event that makes it necessary for you to re-home him I am so sorry, but if this is not the case please try and keep him with you. He probably doesn't have much longer. Let him lives his old days in your company. If you need to more advice please don't hesitate to post. I can imagine how difficult this must be. P.S. I live in Australia and on rent - otherwise I would have taken him on.

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