Help! Fiance is allergic to cats, must rehome before moving in!

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Help! Fiance is allergic to cats, must rehome before moving in!

Post by mariahC33 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:31 pm

I have two adult cats, one male and one female. Both are fixed and up to date on their vaccinations. They both have claws, but are used to getting their nails trimmed. The female is about 5 years old, short haired grey tabby, with a sassy personality. The male is 3 years,long haired black with some grey hairs, who is a cuddle bug on his terms. They are very attached to each other, the male has been with the female since he was a month old. The female is Olive, male is Crow. They currently live with a dog, so dogs are no problem; however, other FEMALE cats are a MAJOR problem for the girl. I rescued both of them, Olive from someone who kept her in a tiny bathroom and Crow from a foster home.


Olive is such a sassy cat. She is a sweet girl, but on her terms...typical cat. She likes to talk and will cuddle for bed time but don't count on the cuddles. She loves to go outside and will bird watch for hours. She's fairly playful and will go nuts for a lazor or catnip toy. Her favorite place to be is either in a window or the bath tub/sink. She's is a little antisocial when it comes to new people, hiding from them or just ignoring them until she wants attention.

Crow is a big fluffy baby. He will cuddle with you all night if you let him, but not during the day (unless it's nap time). He's fairly quiet, only meowing when he's distressed or excited to see you. He loves boxes and bags, put one on the floor for a lifetime of entertainment. Inside cat only, he gets confused outside and runs away. Playful at times, but would rather prefer to lay in a box/bag all day. Crow is very relaxed and doesn't care about much, great with kids, dogs (ignores them), and other cats.

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Re: Help! Fiance is allergic to cats, must rehome before moving in!

Post by Kay » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:17 pm

Your reference to the cats still having claws makes me think you are US based, as here in the UK all cats have their claws - if I'm right you are alas not going to find a new home through this forum

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