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2 Ragdoll perfect boys need fostering or adoption

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:09 pm
by DonnaEssex1
With a heavy heart, I am looking to find a perfect loving home for my 2 ragdoll boys.
Both neutered and vaccinated.
I have sold my house and the one I was buying has fallen through. I am going to be without a home for 3 months min and whilst I've been offered a sofa, I haven't been able to find anyone willing to accept 2 indoor cats.
They are 18 months old, fully house trained and brothers. So I will not consider a new home for them unless they can go together.
I have considered a cattery, but it's just not fair on them. Too cramped and without human love.
They're the most loveable pair. They kiss and cuddle and love to be near, or "on" people.
They are brilliant with children. I've never seen them with other cats or dogs, so couldn't comment on this.
They cuddle each other to sleep. I've never seen them moody. Or cross. They get genuinely excited when anyone comes to visit. Very sociable and funny. They don't like to be ignored, so expect to be "tapped" or kissed.
If you can help in anyway, Please let me know.

Re: 2 Ragdoll perfect boys need fostering or adoption

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:34 am
by Cat-FAQ
Cat Chat’s rehoming advice page might help, which also includes advice on ways to avoid having to rehome:
Also a list of pedigree rescues who may be able to help or advise: