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semi ferrel cat needs a new home - orpington

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:40 pm
by gurley2
:( Hello,

I need to re-home one of my cats, pebbles. I took her in from someone else almost three years ago, I believe her to be about 12 years old. She doesn't get on with anyone, she doesn't like my other cat, dog or my 7 month old daughter. I would describe her as semi-ferrel, last summer she took to sleeping outside all day all night, she comes in now but due to other circumstances she now has to sleep outside, I have a cat igloo for her. She doesnt like being touched, and don't try to pick her up she might eat you!

I feel she needs a home where someone, will be happy to have her in there home or garden, but don't expect to make friends. Maybe a retirement home. I feel really sorry for her but its getting more stressful for me and my other pets, they are all scare of her. My cat mini even started to wee in the house as she is too scared to go outside, Pebbles sits on the steps and attacks my cat or dog when they go out.

She has not gone for me unless i try to pick her up or stroke her.

At the moment she has a home her, but I would love her to go somewhere with no pets or children, she may even become nice.

If you fancy a challenge, please reply to this and we can chat.