Catching Kittens!

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Catching Kittens!

Post by lnxjenn » Thu May 24, 2018 9:46 pm

A lovely little stray has given birth in one of our barns.... I think there's 5 kittens. They are getting to be at least 6 weeks old now. Been feeding Mama cat, and kittens have started to eat the dry food (and some wet when mama hasn't eaten all of it! which is rare....) They are starting to ween. But we cannot seem to catch them. They are hiding in the walls of the barn... We would like to catch them and take them to the vet and such. Mama Cat is really friendly, and she's easy. We have been feeding them. The kittens are quite skittish with our noises. There is one that is a bit braver. I can get him to play with a long bit of string but he is still a bit wary.

Are there any suggestions on trapping them? The wall is layered of Metal sheet and probably something unpleasant on the other side. So, breaking wall down isn't really a good idea... let alone, that may just scare them worse and send them into oblivion! (aka. run away and not return) We dont' mind that they are there, but we don't want MORE babies from any of the cats. So Please let me know what methods would suggestion trying to grab the little guys!

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Re: Catching Kittens!

Post by booktigger » Fri May 25, 2018 11:40 am

I think your best bet would be to speak to a local rescue who would have the equipment required - kittens at that age are hard as you can't use a trap.

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