WF11 (West Yorkshire) - Cat and Kittens Need Catching

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WF11 (West Yorkshire) - Cat and Kittens Need Catching

Post by Astrid » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:51 am

We have a cat and 3 kittens under a storeroom. Kittens have eyes open and are walking around. Lots of electical equipment and traffic so I want to remove them.
I have tried Cats Protection League but apparently postcode WF11 (Pontefract) is not covered.
Does anyone know of other organisations in this area that might be able to help? Or that could loan us a trap to catch the cats and move them somewhere safer?

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Re: WF11 (West Yorkshire) - Cat and Kittens Need Catching

Post by Janey » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:55 am

Hi and welcome.

Here is a list of rescues specifically in your area: ... -yorkshire

I would try one of the other CP and Cat Action Trust first, they are usually very helpful at catching ferals. Barnsley CP (my area) helped me many years ago. They showed me how to use a trap and I TNR released them back to us and still care for some of them now. If you haven’t anyone to care for them then will usually take them in if young enough to home. Best of luck!

eta: I’m just looking and not sure which branch of CP Ponte comes under - I’d have thought Wakefield, did you ask if there was another branch? I’d give Leeds a try and Feral Cat Welfare.

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