Abondened cat queries

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Abondened cat queries

Post by Kimberleyanne »

My next door neighbours recently moved house and have left their cat behind, as it’s becoming colder I’m growing concerned about the cats welfare.
I have 2 dogs so it isn’t real ideal that I keep finding it in my kitchen, I do feed him when I’m home.
It’s heartbreaking he sit and cry’s incently at the door and window I need some help I’ve called round so many places and nowhere seems to be able to help me any ideas?
Thank you
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Re: Abondened cat queries

Post by Janey »

Hi and welcome. Thankfully this little chap has you to care about him! how cruel can some people be, poor lad.

Which area are you in? here you’ll find a list of rescues in your area, there’s probably some you’ve not tried:

https://www.catchat.org/index.php/cat-r ... uk-ireland

If you can care for him i.e. give hime some food and make a cheap hut outside until a rescue can take him in that would probably help if they say they’re all full. No 2 under “Found a cat” info here is helpful:

https://www.catchat.org/index.php/cat-m ... ound#found

Even try a direct rehoming if need be, where the rescue will find the home whilst you’re helping him out.

Hopefully a rescue will take him in soon, and if you can care for him until then they should be able to put him on a waiting list to go into rescue for you so do ask that if they do say they’re full.

Best of luck!
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