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Rescue Cats

Post by ShaunC008 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:06 pm

First post so apologies if this is a well used thread.
2 weeks ago we took in 2 x 3yr old Bengal Cross females from Cats Protection. The blurb said they were friendly etc etc but had been caged for quite a while after being outdoor cats.
Did all the reading, prepped the room, toys climbing tree etc and it took them 2 days before they were running around after each other, playing with the toys and taking treats from my hand.
Unfortunately, 2 weeks on and we are still at the same stage. They are into everything in the house but no matter how slowly i approach, they run away and refuse any form of physical contact. Shake the goody bag and they will come running, take the goodies and then disappear again.
Am i going to be surplus to requirements, as they have each other?
had 2 sets of cats before from kittens, all living to 17+ and all very loving and requiring attention.
We have a very cat friendly garden with all the trees and bushes they could want but i am nervous that when the time comes to let them out, they are just going to disappear? Am i being too impatient?

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Re: Rescue Cats

Post by Ruth B » Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:30 am

Time I think will help, it is still very early days and it sounds as if they are settling in well, however some cats are far more independent than others, and while i've no experience of Bengals from what i have read they are a more independent breed so you might have to accept giving them fuss on their terms.

Give it at least another couple of weeks until you let them out, I would suggest leaving it until after the New Year, you don't want people setting off fireworks and scaring them when they are just getting to know the area, and some idiots will set off fireworks in the middle of the day. I would also suggest calling their names whenever you put the food down for them, even if they are close by and right under the bowls, then when you start letting them out do so just before feeding time and call them in after only 10 minutes or so and feed them. They will get used to associating you calling their names with food and hopefully will continue to return when you do. Start at about 10 minutes outside and then slowly lengthen the time they are out until you are happy they always come when called (assuming they are in earshot, one of mine is a wanderer, but females I have known do stay closer to home).

As for contact you might want to have a few treats on one hand and then try scratching them behind the ears with the other while they eat them, or waiting until they are dosing and then attempting to reach out, if they start to run off, pull back and let them either go or settle then try again a day or so later until they realise that you will back off if they show signs of not being happy with the contact.

I'm sure things will go well and you will have a loving pair of cats, even if they are a little more independent than you are used to.

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Re: Rescue Cats

Post by Kay » Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:00 am

agree with Ruth - 'however slowly I approach' are the key words - you need to let them approach you when they are ready - move naturally in the room as tiptoeing can make cats more wary, and then plonk yourself down on the floor (if unlike me you can get up again!) with a book or internet and treats scattered around you and then ignore them - no movements or eye contact however tempting - and do this as regularly as you and others in the house can find the time for

being on their level can make such a difference with nervous cats, and with patience you will I am sure win these two over - and you will find the process very rewarding as they slowly discover the joys of being fussed

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Re: Rescue Cats

Post by alanc » Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:50 pm

Agree with Kay and Ruth - emphasis is on time, and 2 weeks is nothing to a nervous cat. Took my old Misty months to come out of his igloo hidey hole when I took him on. I didn't even appreciate what a magnificent set of whiskas he had, as they were always flat back on his face. When he finally got his confidence back, what a transformation!

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