Rehoming ing cats from abroad

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Rehoming ing cats from abroad

Post by Susy H » Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:24 am

I’m anxious for advice .At the moment I live in Crete Greece .We are returning to the UK soon ,partly because of Brexit but because of other considerations too .Since living here I have adopted two cats which I intend to bring back with me .They have their pet passports .I intend to take full responsibility for these cats I have also taken to feeding three other cats who live outside who have been fed by summer visitors and then just abandoned .They are all females and I have had them spayed under a free programme for strays .Unfortunately here on Crete there are literally thousands of strays and re homing is almost impossible .
The cats are all sweet and very tame but my house in the UK us not big enough to accommodate more than two and anyway my husband doesn’t want more than Added to this my biggest male cat will not allow them into the house .
They rely in me for food throughout the winter and I find the idea of just abandoning them to their fate unbearable .I am quite Willing to pay for their pet passports and inoculations and would contribute to their transportation costs if anyone could adopt them in the UK .I intend to advertise in F/B but would welcome suggestions please

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Re: Rehoming cats from abroad

Post by Cat-FAQ » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:04 am


Thank you for caring about these cats. I would recommend try all the rescue orgs in Crete, as you may get lucky and find one who will take them in or help you with a direct homing. There may be more information on our rehoming page:

You could also email our HelpDesk, [email protected] as they will be able to give further advice.

There are one or two rescues that help with rehoming cats from Crete in the UK; if you decide to bring them all with you it would be worth contacting rescues ahead of time in the area where you are moving to, you can find a list of rescues by area here: ... uk-ireland and they may be able to help.

I hope you find homes for them.

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