Rehoming Kittens

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Rehoming Kittens

Post by icylilies » Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:04 pm


I have fostered 3 feral kittens and mum cat who were trapped by a private trapper on an emergency basis. I have socialized the kittens but I think they will progress much better when in a permanent home. I'm not sure how to go about advertising these kittens as I haven't done this through a charity and I don't want them to go into a rescue centre, as I am worried this will make them more fearful. I've also got their vaccinations done and could potentially neuter them before going to a new home but I would like to recoup some of this cost as I am a student.

Can I advertise them online? Or would a rehoming centre be best for them?

Thanks for your help
Based in Essex

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Re: Rehoming Kittens

Post by Sniper1 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 12:03 am

Hi and well done with the kittens, if you could possibly get the kittens neutered whilst still with you it would be best as they're already settled and would recuperate easier in a familiar environment, You could advertise for new homes anywhere online, on social media in vets surgery's and pet stores and state the genuine temperament and background of the kittens also any costs you've incurred and the amount you wish to recoup through charge with the emphasis that neutering and vaccination is something the new owner would have had to pay for anyway. Please verify any potential new homes thoroughly ideally visit but with the covid crisis at least home check via video chat and verify addresses maybe check out the area is it a main road, if rented does the property allow pets, Work on your instinct experienced cat owners are often better for more nervous cats and also probably not a home where left alone all day or a home with rowdy young children who could overwhelm them or a boisterous dog who may do the same they're all things to consider, The kittens have been very lucky so fat they need owners to continue your good work and care and its up to you to do your best to find that Good luck and thank you for caring for them

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Re: Rehoming Kittens

Post by Cat-FAQ » Sat Aug 15, 2020 1:30 pm

As Sniper1 said, thanks for caring for these cats. If you haven’t already seen Cat Chat’s rehoming advice page, the information there might help: ... t#rehoming

You might also wish to check out Cat Chat’s neutering information page, which gives details of how and where to get low cost and subsidised neutering: ... euter-spay

In addition to the above, the following links and helplines might be useful:

Cat Chat’s information page on feral cats:
Cat Chat’s rescue shelter listings: ... uk-ireland
Cat Action Trust 1977 (feral cat charity):
Original Cat Action Trust (feral cat charity):
Cats Protection Helpline: 03000 12 12 12

You could also email Cat Chat’s Help Desk for further advice: cat.advice (at)

I hope that helps.

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Re: Rehoming Kittens

Post by Cinderella » Fri Sep 04, 2020 9:09 am

Hello. I want to have a cat, but I don't know what breed. I'm a little scared because I have never had a pet.

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