Sidcup DA14 missing cat - long haired grey/silver

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Sidcup DA14 missing cat - long haired grey/silver

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Loki went missing on 12th November from Rowley Avenue, Burnt Oak Lane/Somerhill Sidcup. He is quite distinctive. A very young grey, long haired, fairly small cat with a very fluffy tail. He has faint silver tabby markings to his face and front legs with a dark grey nose. His chest and tummy are pale silver (almost white). Very friendly, often vocal/chatty and we are sure he will have made it known to someone he is lost. He is micro-chipped. His sister is seriously ill at the moment which is even more heart breaking and we all need him home!
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Re: Sidcup DA14 missing cat - long haired grey/silver

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I'm so sorry your little cat is missing still.. My cat went missing for 11 days and turned up on my doorstep just as I thought he was lost forever. Cats don't usually go far , normally in the same block that you live in. My cat had been locked in somewhere, he'd lost lots of weight but came home unscathed. This was in the worse weather imaginable thick snow , how he managed to survive I'll never know! They are resilient , not sure if you have tried going out late at night when it's quiet and call him, shake some of his treats. Stop and listen to see if you can hear him. Knock on the neighbours again and ask them to recheck sheds. If they're not in leave a leaflet asking them to check.
Have you put him on animal lost sites apart from this one ?
Also if you are on Facebook there are missing pet pages on there
Our Furbabies lost and found uk
Please try not to feel despondent it's early days still
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