stray cat issues, kittens

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stray cat issues, kittens

Post by roboboyo »

Hi guys, im new here, I am originally a dog lover, but after my dog died of cancer, a stray cat has come on the scene, she was all black apart from white feet, so i called her socks, she is a lovely bushy taby, black and white, the problem is, she has had 3 litters, and I've been able to give them away to people, but its getting too much, the last litter was 2 girls, and the first boy, i mannaged to re home the 2 girls, but the boy is still here, i named him tommy, but the problem have is he may mate with her, as well as the tom cat, that has fathered about 12 cats from my stray over the past few years, im now worried that the son tom cat, may mate with mum (horrible i know), what are my options???? i dont want anymore kittens
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Re: stray cat issues, kittens

Post by booktigger »

Everyone needs neutering, hiw tame are mum and son? If you can't catch them, then you'd need to speak to a local rescue regarding trapping them. If you can't afford to neuter them, then please speak to cats protection for vouchers
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Re: stray cat issues, kittens

Post by Hunnybunny »

Where abouts in the country are you?
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Re: stray cat issues, kittens

Post by KittyWitty »

Get both mother and son neutered. Only way to stop more litters!
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Re: stray cat issues, kittens

Post by Pinkglitter1 »


You were very kind t o take in the kitties :)

Now to get them neutered! :) This is massively important as there are more cats than homes out there. If this is difficult for you finacially, there is help available. Cats Protection do vouchers and because the cats were stray, some vets are able to do this for free if you are not working. Where in the country are you? In London, there are a number of organisations that will be able to help you...

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