Daisy is lost in East Ewell

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Daisy is lost in East Ewell

Post by Beanie » Wed May 24, 2017 7:02 pm

Well it has been a long time since I have been on this board but I am still actively involved in cat welfare for those that might remember me.

I would like to appeal to find Daisy - a 6.5 year old female DSH moggy who escaped from her new home in Fairfax Avenue in East Ewell on 11th May 2017 after only 4 days. She does not know the area.

Unfortunately neither the rescue from where she came or the new owner have any photos. However, Daisy is neutered and chipped and had a red collar with the name and address of her new owners. (NB: As with all cats, this collar may have become detached).

Daisy is predominantly black with a white nose and paws. The hind legs have larger white socks than the front. A typical tuxedo cat by all accounts. The only thing that is distinctive is that the white nose leads to a very narrow white line that extends to her forehead and beyond on the head.

She is described by a previous foster carer as having the "Frame of smaller cat but quite plump/a bit tubby". However, she may be a lot thinner now as she has been missing for 13 days.

We have done leaflet drops in the area and posters on telegraph poles including at nearby East Ewell station. The leaflet drop has produced 3 possible sightings in the Castle Avenue area of East Ewell which have been followed up. We believe that she is in the Castle Avenue, Castlemaine Avenue, Cleeves Road and Aragon Avenue area of East Ewell. We have instigated a feeding regime at one property where have been 2 possible sightings.

The new owners are desperate for her return. Daisy had a tough life until she was rehomed by the local Cats Protection / Cats in Crisis charities. She was one of 35 plus cats residing in a flat . Most of the cats have been trapped and neutered; they have received medical checks and taken away for rehoming. The flat owner is being evicted by the landlord because of the condition of the flat which will take some cleaning. Daisy had spent some time at the rescue where she was socialised and observed before being deemed OK for re-homing.

She is described as being shy (a bit timid) but affectionate. She is clearly not of feral origin and had reached the stage where she was sitting on the fosterer's lap pre re-homing for strokes and affection. She will have been lying low for a good few days but more likely to break cover in the search for food. All the local rescues, vets, pet shops, etc. have been notified and she is featured on 'Animal Search' and on The Stepping Stone page on Facebook.

Could I appeal to anyone in the East Ewell area to watch out for her and let me know of any sightings and I will respond immediately. If you could take some photos of her if she appears that would greatly assist us. We are likely to continue leafleting a wider area weekend, so any offers of help also very appreciated

Please Contact Pete Grinham on 07773 957244. If I do not immediately respond to your call, please leave a name and phone no. and my response will be quick

This little cat deserves a break and the more eyes and ears out there will be of significant help.

Thanks all.

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Re: Daisy is lost in East Ewell

Post by Cat-FAQ » Wed May 31, 2017 12:31 pm

If you haven’t already seen Cat Chat’s Lost & Found page, the information there may help:

https://www.catchat.org/index.php/cat-m ... lost-found

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